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Incentive traffic
August 1, 2023
Incentive traffic and how to work with it

What is Incentive Traffic? Incentive traffic is a way to attract users by encouraging the commission of a targeted action. For example: - find the site in the search and click on the links from the output; - leave a

blog marketing
April 26, 2023
7 main rules for an expert blog marketing

What is an expert blog marketing? Expert blog marketing is a strategy to advertise their expertise in a particular field through blogs widely used by companies and individuals, namely it is the creation of content and its distribution in different

pack tendencies
April 21, 2023
How to transfer a site to a new Content management system without causing damage to SEO?

The entire process of transferring a site to a new management system is carried out in three stages - Preliminary, Main and Verification. If there is no preparation and/or verification, problems are almost inevitable. This can be compared to moving

Google Passage Ranking
April 7, 2023
Google Passage Ranking: what is it and what has changed since its launch?

Google Passage Ranking is a search engine algorithm update that allows Google to understand and rank individual passages of a webpage rather than just the entire page. The goal of this update is to provide more accurate and relevant search

seo & web
April 5, 2023
How a SEO Specialist Can Help in Website Development?

As we all know Hell is paved with good intentions. The good intention to transfer a site to a good Content management system (CMS) can lead to search engine optimization hell. Positions, traffic and conversions are lost. To avoid this,

web analysis
January 31, 2023
Web site analysis

When you conduct a good website analysis, you will be able to determine whether your website is fulfilling its purpose.It's important to ensure that your website is meeting its business objectives, whether you're trying to drive sales or generate leads.The

July 25, 2022
Top 12 marketing channels 2022 -2023

Digital marketing channels help in comprehensive promotion of your business. Depending on the budget, niche and scale of the brand, there are different types of marketing channels to choose from. Choose some of them and get the result by the

July 24, 2022
Digital channels in USA

Digital marketing channels are effective methods of business promotion in the online format. Every year, new tools for attracting an audience appear, so the popularity of digital marketing doesn’t decrease. It helps companies to create product value, attract the attention

July 17, 2022
How to improve search engine optimization: some SEO tips

Thematic content and search engine optimization is the key to successful site promotion. Both the selection of keywords and their distribution in the text affect the competent SEO optimization. How to do it? Get a set of tips that will