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Website development

We create websites focused on lead generation
& effectiveness of your ROI

Full custom websites for any business

Our team of web developers has extensive experience working with any CMS. We develop all types of websites from landing pages and microsites to large corporate projects and marketplaces.


Our team creates an individual design for each site. Your site will be based on personality of your brand. This will allow you to turn website visitors into regular customers of the company.

User Experience

UX expert team creates complex user experience strategy that will help to increase the overall engagement and make your conversions into purchases

Digital promotion

Our development team works in cooperation with digital experts to make your site ready for promotion in search and ads campaigns. This strategy will help you to take the first lines in Google in the first few months.

We speak client’s language


Every business is unique. He has personal needs and his own vision of development. Our experience allows us to see them and offer the most effective solution. Our team of developers, designers, project managers and business analysts will bring  your product to life.


We have stand on the forefront of innovation and implement solutions to suit even the highest standarts.




Web development services

Data Collection

This stage includes:


  1. Сollection of information about the client and its produc
  2. Set goals for the website
  3. Definition of  website’s target audience
  4. Competitor websites research

We carefully work with the customer in order to understand what exactly the client expects from his future web site.




This stage consists of:


  1. Sitemap creation
  2. Mock-up creation
  3. Technology stack selection (CMS, programming language, frameworks and etc.)

Here we create website architecture which allows us to understand the inner structure of a website. Then we make a wireframe (mock-up) which is used as visual representation of the user interface. 


Here our design team works with layouts. We create:


  1. Website color palette
  2. Sketches of all site elements
  3. Single page layouts


This stage also involves working with the customer. We review the layouts, get customer’s feedback and correct the layouts when required.


This stage includes the work of develovement team:

  1. Frontend development
  2. Backend development
  3. Basic technical SEO

At this step, we finally create the website itself. Graphic elements and layouts that have been designed are used to create certain pages.

Testing and Launch

The most routine part of the process is testing. We check every page, every script and even run a spell-checking software to find possible typos. So the main processes of tis stage are:


  1. Test of the created website
  2. Uploading to server
  3. Final testing and launch


After we deployed the files on the server, we run the final test to be sure that all files for the website have been installed correctly.

Our team works with different types of websites:

Building a website is only the beginning. We also provide following services:

CMCG team work with:

IT (including StartUps)
What Our Customers  Say. What Our Customers  Say. What Our Customers  Say. What Our Customers  Say.

What Our Customers

Guys are really cool. We got an excellent result. A good, well-coordinated team that works wonders.

Edie Jamwel
Edie Jamwel
CEO, Moverte

We made an incredibly cool project with this team. They do more than what we asked for.
Our project brand has become the best in our holding. Thank you for doing your work with love.

O. N. Moloney
O. N. Moloney
Operating partner

Wir arbeiten mit der Agentur seit mehr als 3 Jahren zusammen, es gab viele verschiedene Momente in unserer Arbeit. Ich möchte das hohe Niveau und die Qualität der Arbeit, die Pedanterie der interagierenden Mitarbeiter hervorheben.

Brown Herry
Brown Herry
Brand manager, Danone