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Social Media Marketing

According to Marketing Sherpa research, 95% of people aged 18 to 34 are the most comfortable monitoring a brand’s updates and interacting with it through social networks. Want to contact with your audience? Contact with Concept Marketing Communication Group

Making leads in sales

Our team works in following social networks: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn. 


While creating an SMM strategy, a significant part of it is devoted to  account. Here we are working closely with design, detailed content plan, full interaction with the company’s audience.


Our team creates targeted advertising based on the portrait of the client’s audience. That is why quality leads are generated.


Interaction with opinion leaders is an important part of the strategy. We work with both large and microbloggers of various topics. From travel to technical reviews.

What is SMM?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the interaction of a company on social platforms in order to attract customers. It is no longer enough just to post pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. SMM has long been a part of the brand’s communication policy with the development of a separate strategy of its own. 


Why is that? Social platforms have a number of advantages over other content distribution channels:

  • Flexibility and rapidity. To convey any idea about your product, novelty, or event, you no longer need to write an article for 3 days and a week to get it published. Your customers are more comfortable and quicker to interact with you when they can do so through clear and convenient channels right on their smartphones.
  • Easy way of getting in touch with your target audience. Even the most serious businesswomen sit on TikTok in the evenings, just like the CSO of a large company in brutal B2B flips through the Facebook feed in the afternoon. Social media algorithms work by themselves; potential buyers do not need to take any action.
  • Huge opportunities. Content marketing is important in promotion. It has already been demonstrated that through trust, assistance, and educational programs, you can sell a lot and for a high price. Social networks allow you to realize all the ideas of marketers, and also have own advertising networks with high-precision targeted settings. After that, it’s easy to integrate social channels with CRM to track the deals into the funnels.
  • Excellent performance. One viral post can bring thousands of views and literally minute-by-minute dissemination of information about your product or services. Most of the other methods of promotion in digital require temporary resources and a long-term history.
  • Psychological aspect. The highest degree of development of your social networks is to create a community of like-minded people. People are accustomed to referring to themselves as belonging to a particular social group because it is inherent in nature. Your business has every chance of becoming an opinion leader in a specific niche, from which everyone wants to buy (serve, consult).

CMCG SMM team offers

We immerse ourselves in your business and provide an SMM strategy that will help distinguish your company from the competition and allow you to constantly be in touch with the target audience. And only after that do we provide the services of:

Content creation, both textual and design. Our experienced team of content creators is ready to fill the account with quality creatives and video.

Targeted paid promotion. The CMCG agency is setting up Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok ads.

Influence marketing with bloggers. Our team finds relevant authors for wide coverage in order to advertise your services or products.

Complex SMM for your company – with us

If you want to get a turnkey solution, we recommend that you contact the productive digital marketing agency CMCG! We will be able to complete all tasks, from the development of a strategy to its implementation. We guarantee that we will select the scope of services that will meet your needs. We work with different business spheres such as:

CMCG team work with:

IT (including StartUps)

Our company’s specialized field of expertise, combined with ten years of experience, allows us to achieve high results for your business purposes. We start any project in B2B and B2C with goals and objectives that need to be solved with the help of social networks. 


We also work with designers, artists, and other entrepreneurs. It can be a brand strategy—where it is important to get large coverage; it can be a loyalty strategy—where it is necessary to better interact with the audience; or lead generation and sales. Let’s explore new horizons together!

What Our Customers  Say. What Our Customers  Say. What Our Customers  Say. What Our Customers  Say.

What Our Customers

Guys are really cool. We got an excellent result. A good, well-coordinated team that works wonders.

Edie Jamwel
Edie Jamwel
CEO, Moverte

We made an incredibly cool project with this team. They do more than what we asked for.
Our project brand has become the best in our holding. Thank you for doing your work with love.

O. N. Moloney
O. N. Moloney
Operating partner

Wir arbeiten mit der Agentur seit mehr als 3 Jahren zusammen, es gab viele verschiedene Momente in unserer Arbeit. Ich möchte das hohe Niveau und die Qualität der Arbeit, die Pedanterie der interagierenden Mitarbeiter hervorheben.

Brown Herry
Brown Herry
Brand manager, Danone