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Tag: Marketing strategy

September 28, 2023
Font Marketing Development: The Power of Typography in Branding and Design

Introduction In the world of marketing and design, typography is a subtle yet effective instrument. Fonts are crucial in communicating a brand's identity and message in an era where visual content is king. In order to make a lasting impression,

September 26, 2023
Price Positioning in Design

Introduction Price positioning in design is a critical aspect of any business strategy, as it plays a pivotal role in shaping customer perceptions and determining market competitiveness. Design, in its various forms, encompasses a wide range of industries, including fashion,

September 18, 2023
Nostalgia as a Marketing Tool

Introduction Nostalgia has a special ability to take us back in time and evoke emotional, warm thoughts about bygone eras. It's a strong emotional trigger that marketers have used for years to establish a close and personal connection with customers.

September 12, 2023
Ben Hunt’s Ladder Theory: A Guide to Understanding Your Customers

A marketing framework called Ben Hunt's Ladder Theory aids companies in comprehending the many levels of consumer awareness that precede a purchase. Indifference, awareness, comparison, decision, and purchase are the five steps in the theory. 1. Disinterest When a customer

Benefits of Customer Centricity
September 11, 2023
Benefits of Customer-Centricity in business

Today it’s difficult to find a company that says it doesn't care about its customers. Customer care has become a mantra for businesses. However, there are much fewer companies in which it actually presents. In business, when considering customer relationships,

August 14, 2023
What is onboarding and how to conduct it?

What is onboarding? Onboarding is a good way to show a person how to use your product. The purpose of onboarding is to involve the user, to make a registered client from an unregistered visitor, and an active and satisfied

customers' needs
August 7, 2023
Styleboard: how to understand customers’ needs

What is a styleboard? The board represents the graphic side of the project and is a key stage in the online branding process. It does not replace other important stages of web design, such as content creation or user experience

Cluster Analysis
July 31, 2023
When to use Cluster Analysis

Cluster analysis is a method of analysis in which objects are divided into groups according to important criteria. A simple example: products are arranged in rows in a supermarket, and each is signed — "vegetables", "meat", "cereals" and beef will

clickbait in marketing
July 13, 2023
Using clickbait in marketing

It is difficult to avoid headlines that motivate you to click on them to go to the page on the Internet. "The actress lost 40 kg. She uses…" and other baits. Even if the name seems silly, curiosity does not

Ansoff Matrix
July 10, 2023
How can Ansoff Matrix grow your Business?

From our huge experience, we know that many owners and managers, thinking about the ways of their company’s development, intuitively use Ansoff’s growth strategy matrix. Let’s talk about it so that its use becomes conscious. This will create the basis