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Top 12 marketing channels 2022 -2023

Digital marketing channels help in comprehensive promotion of your business. Depending on the budget, niche and scale of the brand, there are different types of marketing channels to choose from. Choose some of them and get the result by the increased profits and product recognition.

1. Video Marketing

One of the effective types of marketing channels is video content. A short video clip can attract more potential customers than search engine optimization. This format also helps to establish an emotional connection between the brand and the audience. In order to influence the minds of buyers, the video must not only be of high quality, but also meet the needs and interests of the audience. That is why it is important to analyze the behavior of potential customers, because not every video format may appeal to them.

How to influence sales through video?

  • – Each frame should carry value about the product or service.
  • – You have to strike a balance between useful information and direct promotion of your brand.
  • – Test different formats to find the most effective one for your business promoting.

2. Social Media Advertising

Such advertising channels require a smaller budget, so they are available for businesses of various levels. Every day, millions of people use social networks to learn new information about a brand, search for new products or services that they’ve heard about before. A successful content strategy through this marketing channel creates brand awareness. The next step is to build trust in the business, and then increase sales.

What is important to know?

  1. Advertising in social networks is specific offer for potential customers.
  2. Direct selling is a normal practice, which brand profile is properly packaged.
  3. If there is no interaction with people in comments, messengers, then there are no sales.
  4. Add remarketing to your promotion and keep your customers coming back again and again.

3. Email Marketing

This is one of the methods of direct communication with people. Email marketing is a component of omnichannel marketing, because it can transfer the audience from one platform to another. Through email, you can share useful information, announce brand promotions, congratulate customers on the holidays, and even receive feedback from them. To effectively influence sales, you need to send personalized letters, share practical knowledge, and create easy-to-understand letters. Another option is to use video in your email. So you can stand out from your competitors and be remembered by potential customers.

4. Influencer Marketing

This is the kind of advertising where people make a buying decision faster. It encourages people to share their reviews, thus increasing the number of people who have long doubted, but decided to buy a product or service. When an influencer tells how satisfied by a purchase, the listener begins to believe more that the product is really good. There are different formats for working with influencers: collaborations, sponsored videos, joint contests and giveaways, etc. Influencers will bring more potential users to your profile than Google ads. It is only important to choose the right influencer who is followed by the audience that your business needs.

5. Content Marketing

How your business will develop in online and offline marketing depends on the content. Content marketing can be the basis of all promotion channels. You need to determine how your content will solve customers’ problems, satisfy their interests and influence their purchasing decisions. Videos, infographics, podcasts, animations – all these tools will help to comprehensively promote your product.

How to effectively influence sales through content?

  1. Content for people: about their problems, desires, values ​​in life.
  2. Reach out to potential customers, not a general audience.
  3. Register on different platforms to generate content with each other.

6. Search Engine Optimization

An effective channel strategy of integrated promotion is SEO. You don’t need to pay for displaying ads, but just set up the site’s search engine optimization correctly. Keyword selection is the first step before starting optimization. At this stage, it is important to know the needs and interests of consumers. You have to know what they type into Google when they search for your product or service. You should also not forget about the benefits for users, because sometimes texts with keywords can be meaningless and uninteresting. When you set up search engine optimization, analyze the ease of search and follow the indicators. Another important aspect is to optimize your website for mobile devices. This will increase the rating of the platform and affect the rapid acquisition of customers.

7. Online Marketplaces

It’s quick and easy about the features of shopping on online marketplaces. Such platforms attract a wide audience with completely different preferences, interests and problems. In the USA popular platforms are Amazon, Etsy, Newegg, and others. The first step in promoting through marketplaces is to choose any channel and test it on your business. You have nothing to lose because most of them are free or require a small sales commission. Over time, it will be necessary to optimize the presence of the brand and the platform and actively promote the product.

8. World-of-mouth Marketing

Real video reviews, recommendations from people have a better effect on sales than constant advertising on social networks. People trust people, not sales reps or business owners. This is why indirect marketing is less effective than direct marketing. Part of the marketing plan should be the desire of customers to speak positively about your brand, then you will get more feedback from users.

How to set up world-of-mouth marketing?

  • – Ask for feedback after each order.
  • – Share it with a new audience.
  • – Launch affiliate programs that will increase the flow of customers.

9. Public Relations

Multi channel marketing includes PR. It’s about brand promotion through media advertising. The big companies often announce important product changes, personnel changes to attract press attention. All this interests the audience, your brand is talked about more often and thus you attract more potential customers. This includes the organization of charity events, conferences and other large-scale events that attract the most attention of the press.

10. Offline Marketing

If online marketing channels examples have recently gained popularity, then offline marketing is one of the outdated methods of promotion. This advertising format is more expensive, but it more accurately reaches the right audience and helps to expand the brand’s capabilities. From presentations at offline events to billboards on the street. In this case, the brand pays for the ad format, not the number of impressions. For offline advertising to work effectively, you need to combine it with online conversion. You also need to think carefully about the logo, slogans that will distinguish your brand in the market.

11. Partnership Marketing

Part of cross channel marketing is partnership marketing. When two brands collaborate, they promote a joint project across different channels. This method helps to increase the reach on promotion platforms, as well as to strengthen the reputation of the product. Collaboration, sponsorship, charitable societies – all this forms a springboard for partnership marketing. You need to determine the best partner for cooperation, and also discuss a detailed plan for promotion, which should be similar.

12. Community Building

In order for your customers to become regular, you need to influence the formation of the community. This is a group of people who are supporters of your brand, they use it and always choose it. This method of promotion takes more time and effort, because it is not always easy to create a group of like-minded people. One of the important steps is establishing emotional contact with the consumer in social networks. You should constantly engage people in dialogue, respond to comments. Constant sales do not build trust among buyers. Add interactive games, polls and continuously improve your brand to your content. In this way, you will attract the attention of regular customers every time.

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