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TikTok Marketing

Our agency helps brands to go viral and drive impressive results

TikTok agency CMCG guarantee results on every viral campaign

YouTube is suitable for any product or service. 


With the help of the platform, you can increase sales through reviews and viral videos. 


But even if the company does not sell through YouTube directly, it may have an image channel or a video business-card.


We will be able to increase your brand account from 0 to 100,000+ followers and create a loyal audience.


We help you succeed with viral creative campaigns with influencers. We have a database of large and microbloggers.

Paid Ads

Our team will ensure high conversion and fast return on investment with the help of effectively customized advertising campaigns.

Possibilities of TikTok

Modern digital marketing is changing rapidly. One of the most important strategic purposes of a marketing agency is to quickly connect potentially effective advertising channels that are either not used by competitors or are still treated with distrust. One such a platform is TikTok.


In 2022, the global base of this social network amounted to approximately 1.5 billion. By 2026, the number of registered TikTok users worldwide is projected to increase to 1.9 billion. According to the latest industry data, the iOS TikTok app has reached 9.2 million worldwide monthly downloads. So why do you still think about whether your business really needs TikTok promotion?


So, after making a decision to choose this social platform for your brand’s marketing, you need to understand how algorithms work and what exactly can bring the desired virality. It’s not enough just to post funny or educational videos, it’s important to know the rules, restrictions, and tricks of the social network. If you do not intend to waste your time and money on a TikTok race, the CMCG complex digital marketing agency will take care of your brand’s profile to achieve established goals together!

3 reasons to choose CMCG for TikTok promotion

Holistic approach

TikTok as an influence marketing platform is not a hype, but rather anintegral part of the brand ecosystem.

We know how to integrate your account performance into the global marketing strategy of the brand
and to embed it into the sales funnel to get the real deals.

Big team

We are all about production and creativity. Delegate everything from an idea to the launch of finished content to our expertise team.

Every specialist takes responsibility for a definite part of the promotion.
You can be sure that every part of the process will be done on 100%.

15+ years of experience

Many years of testing and realization of SMM allow us to quickly and accurately navigate the TikTok promotion of a specific business area.

We know what will work and how to manage the traffic flow. We will tell you which business TikTok fits best and when it’s time to stop. This eliminates the drain of money and false expectations.

The era of fast content: why your business needs TikTok

The response in the TikTok community, as a rule, is found by those brands that neglect glossy advertising and rely on creativity and new formats, coming up with their own shows or launching activities through challenges. It’s the best channel to advertise services or goods with an affordable budget in a relatively short time.

The main advantages of TikTok as an advertising platform are:

Reason #1:

a low conversion actions cost in comparison to other social networks;

Reason #2:

a huge library of music to accompany the video with no royalty payments;

Reason #3:

the audience is an engaged and loyal creative community ready for experiments;

Reason #4:

a wide range of tools to edit a video without expenses on additional apps;

Reason #5:

great opportunities for influence marketing through UGC content.

The confluence of these features allows you to get wide coverage of your brand: just one video can get a million views. If users like your product, you will get deals. Lots of deals.

Paid ads on TikTok: what we offer

TikTok is focused on creating an authentic experience for its users, so ads integrate harmoniously and in line with users’ everyday interactions on the app. It is as native as possible in a user-friendly interface, so that means minimizing the negative and improving perception. The current formats are:


  • – Top View is a full-screen banner that appears the first time the app is launched.
  • – Brand Takeover is a full-screen banner with a 3-5 second countdown to the close button.
  • – Hashtag Challenge is a flash mob on behalf of a brand that lasts for six days.
  • – In-Feed Video is a campaign with a 5-15 second video in the user’s feed.
  • – Brand Effect is branded 2D or 3D filters.

The Concept Marketing and Communication Group provides services for setting up and maintaining advertising campaigns from A to Z. We generate ideas, create creatives, write video scripts and provide full analytics with paid promotion strategy adjustments.

Let’s boost your sales! The CMCG TikTok advertising agency – at your service

  • Getting to know your product and its unique selling proposition. On TikTok, we investigate the niche, competitors, and target audience.This step defines the strategy of TikTok promotion for your business.


  • Conduct research on global and local trends and hold focus groups. We also create an account from scratch in accordance with all the SEO rules and platform restrictions or make changes to the current profile.


  • Create videos according to the discussed references with characters and brand ambassadors. We are engaged in editing, music, subtitling, and text design.


  • Launch all promotion channels: paid advertising, influencers, etc.


  • Set KPIs and monitor the effectiveness of marketing measures. If necessary, we adjust the strategy or campaigns.

CMCG team work with:

IT (including StartUps)

Do you have any questions? Explore our successful TikTok promotion cases. Ask for a consultation for your company: we will find a unique key to your business’ success on this social network!

What Our Customers  Say. What Our Customers  Say. What Our Customers  Say. What Our Customers  Say.

What Our Customers

Guys are really cool. We got an excellent result. A good, well-coordinated team that works wonders.

Edie Jamwel
Edie Jamwel
CEO, Moverte

We made an incredibly cool project with this team. They do more than what we asked for.
Our project brand has become the best in our holding. Thank you for doing your work with love.

O. N. Moloney
O. N. Moloney
Operating partner

Wir arbeiten mit der Agentur seit mehr als 3 Jahren zusammen, es gab viele verschiedene Momente in unserer Arbeit. Ich möchte das hohe Niveau und die Qualität der Arbeit, die Pedanterie der interagierenden Mitarbeiter hervorheben.

Brown Herry
Brown Herry
Brand manager, Danone
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