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Tag: Customer segmentation

September 12, 2023
Ben Hunt’s Ladder Theory: A Guide to Understanding Your Customers

A marketing framework called Ben Hunt's Ladder Theory aids companies in comprehending the many levels of consumer awareness that precede a purchase. Indifference, awareness, comparison, decision, and purchase are the five steps in the theory. 1. Disinterest When a customer

Benefits of Customer Centricity
September 11, 2023
Benefits of Customer-Centricity in business

Today it’s difficult to find a company that says it doesn't care about its customers. Customer care has become a mantra for businesses. However, there are much fewer companies in which it actually presents. In business, when considering customer relationships,

March 21, 2023
Call tracking

What is call tracking? Call tracking is a call tracking system that captures incoming calls, shows which ads the user saw before calling the company, and helps analyze the effectiveness of traffic channels. Call tracking is based on a chain