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Tag: Graphic design

October 2, 2023
The Difference Between Rebranding and Redesign

Introduction Brands are constantly changing to adapt to new market conditions and modern visual trends. This way, rebranding or redesign is carried out. Let’s see what’s the difference between these terms. What is rebranding? Rebranding is a change in the

September 28, 2023
Font Marketing Development: The Power of Typography in Branding and Design

Introduction In the world of marketing and design, typography is a subtle yet effective instrument. Fonts are crucial in communicating a brand's identity and message in an era where visual content is king. In order to make a lasting impression,

princoples of design
September 7, 2023
The Occam’s Razor Principle in Design: Simplicity as the Ultimate Sophistication

Introduction In the world of design, where creativity knows no bounds, the Occam's Razor principle stands as a guiding light. This timeless philosophical concept, attributed to the 14th-century logician and theologian William of Ockham, posits that when faced with multiple

Cycle in Design
August 19, 2023
The Trend Cycle in Design: how do we return to the old in the new format

Introduction Have you ever heard that everything new is well–forgotten old? We're sure you’ve heard. How accurate is this expression? We don’t think this can be said literally about "everything". But the sphere of design and creativity in general is

design methods
August 9, 2023
6 effective Methods to solve design problems

Design problems are an essential part of any creative process, no matter if you're designing a website, a product, or even a marketing campaign. These problems can range from minor challenges to major roadblocks that hinder progress. Finding effective methods

customers' needs
August 7, 2023
Styleboard: how to understand customers’ needs

What is a styleboard? The board represents the graphic side of the project and is a key stage in the online branding process. It does not replace other important stages of web design, such as content creation or user experience

Design Thinking
July 24, 2023
Empathy Mapping in Design Thinking

Introduction An ordinary product team relies on the user and his experience in its decisions. To do this, they conduct research, interviews, usability testing, surveys, collect feedback from technical support and sales, read articles and third-party research. All of them

Research Design
July 19, 2023
What Is a Research Design | Types, Guide & Examples

A research design is a plan for employing empirical data to address your research issue. Making decisions about the following factors is necessary to create a research design:          - your overall research goals and methodology;  

principles of design
July 17, 2023
The 7 principles of design

What are the tenets of design? Design principles are key guidelines that should direct your creative process and aid in the production of visually appealing work. A broad understanding of what "looks good" in design and what the human brain

June 26, 2023
The Art of Call-to-Action

The most important element of the landing page is Call to action (CTA) as it motivates the user to action the way you expect him to. Therefore, the more effective the CTA, the more effective it is. A page with