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LinkedIn is the leading B2B social network. It was created to find and establish exactly business contacts. LinkedIn has over 700 million registered users, representing 150 business sectors in 200 countries.

More than 50% of people with high education in the USA use this platform to find opportunities for their business or career, as much as 2/3 of Europe does.

3 reasons to use LinkedIn for your business

LinkedIn is known as one of the most popular platforms for job searching; personal profiles here are similar to resumes with full info about education, skills, and work experience. 


But it is only a tiny part of the platform’s potential. There are 15 times fewer job postings than professional content, and the organization’s business profile provides 3 significant advantages


Or your potential customers. These are people who responded to your brand’s marketing communication and provided you with contact information: they subscribed to the newsletter, provided a phone number, or sent a private message. 


Research shows that 80 B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and 79% of marketers consider the platform to be an effective source of prospects.


94% of all B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute professional content. Useful articles, links on research, and discussion of business ideas increase the recognition and credibility of the company. 


An additional advantage is the narrow specialization of the platform: unlike on Facebook or Instagram, business content here does not compete with videos about animals or photos from trips.


Find employees, experts, and business partners—many of them are already registered on the social network. 


Join groups, participate in discussions to make a statement.

Possibilities of LinkedIn


LinkedIn gives a chance to high-tech and industrial products with a long transaction cycle, especially if the entire administrative resource is involved in the decision-making process. It fits projects with a minimum of $10,000–$15,000 LTV for the American market. The size of the contract must be large enough to offset the cost of advertising and provide a profit.

If these criteria describe your business, you have to use LinkedIn to promote your company’s services and goods here to get a qualified and solvent audience. The CMCG complex marketing agency can take care of your brand in the professional network, turning leads into real deals.


Due to advanced modern technologies and great experience, our team of certified specialists is ready to provide the best services in contextual advertising for your business.


We know how to manage every listed point to increase the ROI of your profile, event or showcase page. First, we build a strategy that integrates into the overall marketing funnel to get the maximum for the entire business, not just a certain campaign.


Our team has carried out a number of industry-oriented projects on social media, and we are always open to discussing yours! The deep understanding of LinkedIn opportunities ensures the successful handling of accounts either for your business or a personal brand.

Use LinkedIn Ads possibilities with CMCG: reach out to your customers

As the long-standing practice of the CMCG agency shows, organic promotion can be supplemented by LinkedIn paid ads. There are 7 types of target promotion:

  • Sponsored Content. Display native ads for your products or services on desktop and mobile devices in the LinkedIn feed to appeal to new page visitors.
  • Dynamic Ads. Attract potential customers with ads that are personalized exactly for them due to changing creatives and text captions.
  • Video ad. Engage professional audiences at every stage of the buyer’s journey with interactive video creative.
  • Text ad. Attract new customers to your business on a tight budget with pay per click.
  • Direct Message Ads. Send personalized messages to the people who matter most to your business.
  • Job Ads. Promote vacancies of your company and find contractors for your projects.
  • Lead Generation. Get warm leads with ready contact forms. For better performance, use the CRM system to track the incoming prospects’ processing.

How CMCG team works

Stage 1

Before setting up ads, we study a brand’s communication and target audience in detail. Then all the CMC digital agency team conduct a brief, "taste the product", analyze other advertising activities that have already been. On this step, we will define the appropriate future strategy of LinkedIn promotion.

Stage 2

After that, we build a traffic system based on your marketing funnel. This is a combination of website performance, target audience and LinkedIn ad type research. We set up creatives and main goals together with designers and motion specialists on staff, as well as copywriters take responsibility for the selling texts and headers.

Stage 3

We define the KPI of the advertising company. We allocate budgets for the stage of launch, optimization, and full work-off of the campaign.

Improve your B2B sales with LinkedIn digital marketing

A mission of the CMCG complex internet marketing agency is to help companies communicate their product or service more effectively to the world through LinkedIn by sharing their values ​​with them.


The Concept Marketing Communication Group team with10+ years of experience in digital promotion of brands, products, and services will help to find a key for your customers. Learn case studies of our happy clients! We provide LinkedIn strategy from scratch to a full-fledged project by the efforts of the whole team for:

CMCG team work with:

IT (including StartUps)
If you have additional questions about LinkedIn complex marketing strategy for your business, feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation.
What Our Customers  Say. What Our Customers  Say. What Our Customers  Say. What Our Customers  Say.

What Our Customers

Guys are really cool. We got an excellent result. A good, well-coordinated team that works wonders.

Edie Jamwel
Edie Jamwel
CEO, Moverte

We made an incredibly cool project with this team. They do more than what we asked for.
Our project brand has become the best in our holding. Thank you for doing your work with love.

O. N. Moloney
O. N. Moloney
Operating partner

Wir arbeiten mit der Agentur seit mehr als 3 Jahren zusammen, es gab viele verschiedene Momente in unserer Arbeit. Ich möchte das hohe Niveau und die Qualität der Arbeit, die Pedanterie der interagierenden Mitarbeiter hervorheben.

Brown Herry
Brown Herry
Brand manager, Danone
LinkedIn marketing strategy