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Tag: Brand management

September 14, 2023
Cognitive Distortion in Branding: The Psychology Behind Brand Perception

Introduction In the field of marketing and branding, it is essential to comprehend consumer psychology in order to develop successful and memorable brands. The psychological idea of cognitive distortion is important in understanding how people interact and perceive brands. The

September 4, 2023
The Brand Identity Prism: Unveiling the Facets of Brand Personality

In a market where several products and services compete for consumers' attention, developing a strong and distinctive brand identity is crucial. A framework developed by marketing guru Jean-Nol Kapferer, the idea of a brand identity prism, offers a comprehensive and

brand concept
August 31, 2023
Mastering the Art of Articulating Brand Advantages: A Comprehensive Guide

In today's intensely competitive business market, a brand must effectively explain its advantages to customers in order to gain their attention and loyalty. Creating a compelling narrative that highlights a brand's unique features, benefits, and capabilities can have a significant

power of brand
August 30, 2023
Why do girls want Dyson? The power of brand

Introduction Certain brands in the realm of consumer goods have an almost hypnotic allure that transcends their practicality and elevates them to status symbols. Dyson is one such company that has won the hearts of many people, especially ladies. Dyson,

July 19, 2022
Brand identity development

What is brand identity? It's what your brand is. This includes your positioning, values, and overall company personality. One of the first steps to product promotion is the development of branding graphic design. At this stage, you design the logo,