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Tag: Brand positioning

September 4, 2023
The Brand Identity Prism: Unveiling the Facets of Brand Personality

In a market where several products and services compete for consumers' attention, developing a strong and distinctive brand identity is crucial. A framework developed by marketing guru Jean-Nol Kapferer, the idea of a brand identity prism, offers a comprehensive and

power of brand
August 30, 2023
Why do girls want Dyson? The power of brand

Introduction Certain brands in the realm of consumer goods have an almost hypnotic allure that transcends their practicality and elevates them to status symbols. Dyson is one such company that has won the hearts of many people, especially ladies. Dyson,

user flow guides
August 3, 2023
Guide to User Flow

The success and popularity of websites and applications depend on hundreds of factors. A lot of details affect the fact that users will come and use a digital product: a cool idea at the core, the well—coordinated work of programmers,

Brand Color
June 22, 2023
Brand Color Concept

Colors in branding The KISSmetrics analytical service conducted an interesting study, according to which 85% of consumers prefer products of certain brands, focusing on their color. For this, we can say "thank you" to associative thinking, thanks to which a

July 19, 2022
Brand identity development

What is brand identity? It's what your brand is. This includes your positioning, values, and overall company personality. One of the first steps to product promotion is the development of branding graphic design. At this stage, you design the logo,