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Tag: Brand visibility

October 2, 2023
The Difference Between Rebranding and Redesign

Introduction Brands are constantly changing to adapt to new market conditions and modern visual trends. This way, rebranding or redesign is carried out. Let’s see what’s the difference between these terms. What is rebranding? Rebranding is a change in the

September 20, 2023
The Importance of Audio Branding

Introduction In today's frantic and very competitive corporate environment, developing a strong and recognizable brand is essential for success. While visual elements like logos, colors, and typography play a significant role in shaping a brand's identity, audio branding is another

mistakes in branding
September 8, 2023
Five common mistakes of brand positioning

A brand can bring recognition and loyalty to a company if it is designed correctly Branding is the process of creating a sustainable image of a company in the eyes of consumers. It includes building communication with the target audience,

September 4, 2023
The Brand Identity Prism: Unveiling the Facets of Brand Personality

In a market where several products and services compete for consumers' attention, developing a strong and distinctive brand identity is crucial. A framework developed by marketing guru Jean-Nol Kapferer, the idea of a brand identity prism, offers a comprehensive and

brand concept
August 31, 2023
Mastering the Art of Articulating Brand Advantages: A Comprehensive Guide

In today's intensely competitive business market, a brand must effectively explain its advantages to customers in order to gain their attention and loyalty. Creating a compelling narrative that highlights a brand's unique features, benefits, and capabilities can have a significant

Cycle in Design
August 19, 2023
The Trend Cycle in Design: how do we return to the old in the new format

Introduction Have you ever heard that everything new is well–forgotten old? We're sure you’ve heard. How accurate is this expression? We don’t think this can be said literally about "everything". But the sphere of design and creativity in general is

user flow guides
August 3, 2023
Guide to User Flow

The success and popularity of websites and applications depend on hundreds of factors. A lot of details affect the fact that users will come and use a digital product: a cool idea at the core, the well—coordinated work of programmers,

Merch for Brands
July 25, 2023
The Importance of Merch for Brands

Briefly about the merch market Merchandising is thought to have its roots in the United States. An emblem given out at the close of the 18th century to commemorate George Washington's election served as its first indication. But with the

Brand Color
June 22, 2023
Brand Color Concept

Colors in branding The KISSmetrics analytical service conducted an interesting study, according to which 85% of consumers prefer products of certain brands, focusing on their color. For this, we can say "thank you" to associative thinking, thanks to which a

brand visibility creation
May 15, 2023
How to increase your brand visibility online?

According to marketing research, increasing brand visibility has a direct impact on sales growth. Recognition creates a positive perception of the brand, increases customer loyalty and trust. Recognition levels There are three levels of brand awareness: With a hint: when