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Incentive traffic and how to work with it

Incentive traffic

What is Incentive Traffic?

Incentive traffic is a way to attract users by encouraging the commission of a targeted action. For example:

  • – find the site in the search and click on the links from the output;
  • – leave a review about a product or service;
  • – like the record or share it with subscribers;
  • – watch a commercial;
  • – download the mobile app.

There are 2 types of encouragement:

Material – you pay for the action with virtual or real money.

Intangible – you open access to limited or paid content, guarantee a high rating or new features in the application.

For example, a person watched a video ad, and in return received + 100 units of experience to level up. Or registered on the website and received a skin care checklist for free.

Why is it needed?

Incentive traffic is used to promote a product or website. For example:

  • – Raise the app in the search results and strengthen its position in the AppStore and Google Play.
  • – Include the name of the application in the list of key queries.
  • – Improve the quality characteristics of the application and increase the level of interaction.

Pros and cons of incentive traffic

This type of traffic helps startups with a limited budget and minimal knowledge about advertising and brand positioning to tell their story and attract the target audience. At the same time, you will not have to pay much.

Another advantage is a large volume of traffic in a short time. You can set the number of actions to be performed in a certain period of time. For example, leave 5 reviews in 1 day. At the same time, all the attracted users are real people. There is a chance that among them there will be those who will like the content or find the application useful, and they will remain among your customers. 

But incentive traffic also has disadvantages:

  • – Affiliate programs often prohibit its use because the “life” of such users is short. They perform a targeted action, but in the future they don’t interact with the product in any way.
  • – The risk of being banned by the affiliate program if it notices such a way of promotion. There are a few legitimate ways to earn money from this traffic.
  • – A small percentage of the target audience.
  • – Low solvency of attracted users – they use the offer to save money.
  • – High costs for holding positions. If you artificially overestimated the rating, you will have to invest a lot of money so that the site or application retains its position at the top of the search results.

Where can you get it?

There are special websites for finding Incentive traffic. Registered users perform microtasks and get paid for them. Such sites differ in the number and content of offers, the amount of remuneration.

How to work safely with motivated traffic?

Even if you have information that it’s possible to get incentive traffic with no sanctions, act carefully. In particular, check whether the service reads the ID and IP of visitors, whether it records data about the time zone, the system language used, and so on.

Also, don’t abuse the number of “tasks” for users, so as not to attract negative attention with increased activity. Hide the traffic source from which the unique visitor came, so that affiliate programs cannot track him.

By the way, you also need to be careful with visitors. So, if free registration in the game is offered as a reward, then this in itself does not guarantee the further use of the newly created account. In other words, the user will create a profile, but will not play. As a result, the paid lead will be useless. Therefore, if the service in one form or another obliges new visitors to use the application after downloading, this is a bonus that simply cannot be passed by.

It is optimal to design a small website, to which visitors will go “through tasks” or create an account in social networks.

Is it possible to make money on motivated traffic?

Earnings are made according to the traffic resale scheme:

  • – Register as a webmaster in the partner network.
  • – Use an offer that allows you to use incentive traffic.
  • – Pick up a traffic exchange.
  • – Earn on the difference between the completed action and the advertiser’s reward.

Using incentive traffic is not the easiest way to earn money, because you will have to delve deeply into the algorithm and sort through a lot of offers to find one that does not prohibit its use.


  1. Incentive traffic involves encouraging users to perform targeted actions.
  2. The method allows you to strengthen the position of the application in popular stores, include its name in the list of key queries, and improve its quality characteristics.
  3. The methodology should be used as carefully as possible, since affiliate programs do not welcome users who, after completing the target action, stop any interaction with the application – you can be banned.
  4. Use offers that allow you to use incentive traffic, but act carefully. At a minimum, hide the sources from which unique visitors come.

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