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YouTube Marketing

YouTube is an important channel for lead generation that doesn’t just improve traffic flow but brings real deals.

YouTube is beneficial to your marketing ROI

YouTube is suitable for any product or service. With the help of the platform, you can increase sales through reviews and viral videos.


But even if the company does not sell through YouTube directly, it may have an image channel or a video business-card.


YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. 


Why are you still not there? Sometimes it works more effectively even if you had no website or other social media.

New audience

Not everyone reads blogs, and as a YouTuber, you can reach a whole new audience. It’s much easier to watch a video than to read a text. 


Moreover, unlike Instagram, it’s available on different devices—computers, mobile phones, tablets—with full functionality!


Videos interact more easily with your potential and existing customers and educate them by talking about your products and services. 


The time of engagement contact with the content can increase 10–50 times compared to a post on Facebook or Twitter.

Possibilities of Youtube

According to the latest Google report, 74% of Americans aged 15–84 go to YouTube to make a purchasing decision. They prefer it to TV and watch the content on this video platform twice as closely.

It’s possible to develop a YouTube channel by the efforts of our own staff, but a lot of resources, and not only financial ones, are invested in the process of creating and promoting high-quality content.

Do you really want to waste your time, money and patience to get the right strategy and find everything needed for the video-production? Much better to entrust it to professionals — such as the CMCG complex digital agency team.

3 reasons why you should choose CMCG for YouTube marketing

Complex approach

YouTube, like all influencer marketing, is part of the brand ecosystem.

We know how to integrate your channel’s performance into
a global marketing strategy and to embed it into the sales funnel to get the maximum.

Big team

Each of the 100+ specialists at CMCG agency is engaged only in their own business.

This means we guarantee excellence in every process – from creative video script template creation
to analytical report preparation.

We handle your content editing, publication, and promotion.

15+ years experience

We understand how a channel promotion works in a specific business niche due to real-world experience in YouTube marketing.

This eliminates failed test runs and money drains.
You can be sure of our clients’ success in case studies.

CMCG YouTube marketing services:

The case of each of our clients is unique. Everyone’s starting point is different. Someone tried to promote themselves but failed; someone trusts a million followers’ channel; someone needs an initial launch. After analyzing the current situation, analytical data and a product first-hand, we offer:

Account promotion

This process starts with a common YouTube strategy. The Concept Marketing Communication Group team thinks of an idea and formulates a value for your followers.

We identify your target audience and the topics that they are interested in in order to provide consistent subscriber growth and, as a result, lead flow.

If the YouTube channel generates interest, the users will come to the site or search for the product in search engines.

So, then our aim is to set up SEO-optimization working with video hosting algorithms and the channels of content distribution — radio, television, various websites, forums, and social networks.

Content management

The first thing to do if you decide to seriously take up the promotion of a YouTube channel is its design. An attractive design builds trust among users and, as a result, helps to get more followers.

It may seem that this task comes down to the design of the icon and cover, but everything is much more complicated.

Our team is highly involved in providing services for filming and editing professional videos for your channel.

We are located in the US, so it’s not a problem to work with your physical product. We create script templates of the content and take responsibility for the characters and their images.

Youtube Ads

YouTube Ads is a type of advertising that is created and controlled by Google Ads. 


In this way, you can advertise video content both on YouTube and in search results, and you can choose different performance strategies. There are 6 types of ads on YouTube, so we choose the right one according to the established goals.


YouTube viewers find and watch the videos they want in a variety of ways: by searching on the YouTube homepage, by browsing recommended videos on the watch page, or by selecting videos from the homepage feed.

Influence YouTube marketing

Influencers allow people to make a real connection with a brand that can last for a long time. Sometimes bloggers are trying to sell something by making it fashionable, so in the end of the ends the product becomes popular.

Influence YouTube marketing fits any type of business: we help to find experts in specific spheres – IT, art, music, marketplaces, FMCG, retail, etc.

Depending on the situation, we offer comprehensive measures for a holistic approach to YouTube promotion.

CMCG team work with:

IT (including StartUps)

Do you want to have high-quality experience in the YouTube promotion of your services or goods? Our deep understanding of social platforms’ algorithms and points of growth ensures successful handling of projects in any domain. Feel free to contact the Concept Marketing Communication Group team to get a consultation about opportunities and budget.

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What Our Customers

Guys are really cool. We got an excellent result. A good, well-coordinated team that works wonders.

Edie Jamwel
Edie Jamwel
CEO, Moverte

We made an incredibly cool project with this team. They do more than what we asked for.
Our project brand has become the best in our holding. Thank you for doing your work with love.

O. N. Moloney
O. N. Moloney
Operating partner

Wir arbeiten mit der Agentur seit mehr als 3 Jahren zusammen, es gab viele verschiedene Momente in unserer Arbeit. Ich möchte das hohe Niveau und die Qualität der Arbeit, die Pedanterie der interagierenden Mitarbeiter hervorheben.

Brown Herry
Brown Herry
Brand manager, Danone