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Tag: Marketing efficiency

clickbait in marketing
July 13, 2023
Using clickbait in marketing

It is difficult to avoid headlines that motivate you to click on them to go to the page on the Internet. "The actress lost 40 kg. She uses…" and other baits. Even if the name seems silly, curiosity does not

Ansoff Matrix
July 10, 2023
How can Ansoff Matrix grow your Business?

From our huge experience, we know that many owners and managers, thinking about the ways of their company’s development, intuitively use Ansoff’s growth strategy matrix. Let’s talk about it so that its use becomes conscious. This will create the basis

how to choose a marketinf agency
May 7, 2023
Choosing a marketing agency

So you came to the point when you need to find a reliable partner to promote your business. How to avoid mistakes when choosing a contractor? Let's look at 10 key points to pay attention to while choosing a marketing