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Brand identity development

What is brand identity? It’s what your brand is. This includes your positioning, values, and overall company personality. One of the first steps to product promotion is the development of branding graphic design. At this stage, you design the logo, typography, colors, packaging, and more. Each of these points shapes the reputation of the product and affects the corporate identity advertising budget. The better you think about how your brand will stand out in the market, the lower the cost of the advertising campaign will be.

Brand identity strategy is about a brand management system. When each of the components affects the buyer’s emotion, causes certain desires, and also closes the customer’s requests. That is why it is important to think through everything: from the brand identity website to the visual part of the packaging and even the tone of voice of the brand. When you create a corporate style, you shouldn’t focus only on visual identity. Understanding how your product is perceived in the market, how customers react and what image the brand creates about itself, this is what affects the overall promotion strategy, not just the visual part. Defining brand identity requires knowledge in marketing, design, SMM and more, so most companies turn to agencies.

Why is brand identity development critical for an organization?

When a new product appears on the market, the main goal of comprehensive promotion is a new brand identity. To achieve this goal, you need to constantly analyze your competitors and know how to overshadow their product. Any brand evokes emotion. For example, restaurant brand identity can be manifested in the concept of the establishment, positioning and even the manner of serving visitors. All this forms a powerful company brand identity and conveys the value of your organization. The next step is to improve sales efficiency and keep the product on the market. Interesting fact: the company color can increase brand recognition by up to 80%, and the first impression of the product is one of the aspects that affects the formation of customer loyalty to the company.

7 steps of brand identity development

Brand identity design is about a comprehensive visual solution: logo, corporate colors, topography, etc. Getting a product to market requires a good ad design. How to achieve this?

  1. Brand positioning

Explain to people why you created this product, what changes it brings to life, why it is a better option than a competitor’s product. It is important to add specifics, because a product to change the world for the better is not about solving a specific problem, and therefore brands with such a positioning often cannot advance confidently.

  1. Establish your product’s personality.

Building brand identity, remember the collective image of your product on the market. When customers hear about your brand, they should associate it with a character from a movie, book, show, etc. That is, a person must imagine the image of the product, understand what kind of character it has, how it speaks, etc.

  1. Analyze the audience.

Corporate identity development is about analyzing a potential client. You must determine who the future buyer is, why he will choose your product. This also includes the development of the brand’s tone of voice, when a certain manner of communication is formed for a certain group of buyers.

  1. Logo and brand identity

The logo is what will convey the individuality of your product. It should correspond to the color scheme of the corporate style. If you cooperate with a brand identity design agency, you will definitely develop a logo that will be remembered in the market among competitors. Because a team of professionals will select such a logo that will help keep your brand in trend for a long time.

  1. Brand identity package

An important rule: even small details on the package can be remembered. When a brand has thought out a unique packaging, the buyer will definitely appreciate it. In addition, it is the packaging that makes the first impression on the buyer and it affects whether your customer will return again.

When your team forms a brand identity strategy, then it will have more chances that your product will become the top on the market. So this is influenced by a comprehensive approach to product promotion on various platforms.

  1. Color palette

Your product should have up to 3 main colors. Learn the psychology of marketing and what color affects which emotion. After that, you can choose a secondary color, and such a combination will help your brand stay on trend and form a product identity.

  1. Auxiliary graphics

Product branding is not only about colors, but also about additional graphics, details in the site design, icons, etc. From specific geometric lines and shapes to unusual icons. All this will identify your product in an online format.

How to develop a unique brand

If your buyer recognizes the brand through the logo, corporate style, then the identity of your product is at a high level. The most important component is the logo identity, which should be memorable and understandable. When you build a brand identity in the market, your product shapes the culture and image of the business.

Your product shouldn’t only evoke emotions, but also provide benefits, prove your expertise and responsibility for the choice of buyers. Thus, you will be able to prove to customers the value of your product and establish a psychological connection with the audience. When the buyer feels that he is cared for, listened to, he will definitely return to this product again. Constant analysis of consumer behavior, market research and improvement of your brand will help you become the unique business that your competitors are talking about in the market.


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