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Brand book, logo book and guideline: main differences

The brand story is the simplest interpretation of the brand book. Brand book guide consists of various elements to demonstrate the positioning, vision and mission of the product. During the creation of a brand book, a team of marketers and designers determines how the new brand will differ from competitors.

At this stage, colors, logos, typography and tone of voice are created. In fact, brand book creation is a complex work on the future of brand promotion. It is also called the book of the company: if a certain component of the brand book is forgotten or not well thought out, it can be considered ineffective.

Therefore, it is important to determine the corporate style of a product or an entire brand, so that it affects the psychology of the consumer and his purchase choice.

What is a logo book, and why is it needed?

If the brand book is a full-fledged guide to the brand, then the logo book design is only part of the ideas for visual presentation of the company. That is, these are details on fonts, color schemes and additional services. The first thing a consumer remembers about a brand is the logo. There are various logo design services that help create logos of any shape, color and can implement any of your ideas.

One of the popular ones is logo vector, when the file doesn’t lose quality during editing. In addition, such logos can be constantly scaled and changed.

Logo design guide is needed so that potential customers and employees have a clear idea about the company and its products. Thus, it will be much easier to promote your brand, because on each of the platforms you will broadcast the same meanings, positioning of the company.

This will help create a complete image of the product and build consumer trust.

Main differences between brand book and logo book

Brand styling guide is a complete description of the brand, and the logo book is only part of it. The logo book has a detailed description of the logo and the basic rules of how and where this logo can be used. This is about brand fonts, size, colors, proportions, background usage and much more. One of the simplest logos is the graphic standard manual logo. It is not difficult to create, but it can only be a test version of the logo.

It is also a permanent element that forms the corporate style of the company.

Brand style book is the history of the brand. It consists of values, mission, positioning of the company, as well as guideline, logobook, advertising strategy, etc. Brand book affects the effective promotion of the product at various levels: for example, from interior design to the manner of communication with customers.

Creating a tone of voice is an important stage in promotion, because the future image and reputation of the company depends on it.

Brand book vs brand guideline. What elements do they include?

Both of these guides are the basis for external and internal communication of the brand with consumers. Also, the brand book and brand guideline influence the formation of the brand identity, and also help the business to advance.

When a potential client sees a harmonious combination of color palette, fonts, logo and tone of voice, it confirms the company’s professionalism and affects competitiveness. These books include similar elements.

  1. The essence of the brand.

It is about the vision, mission and positioning of the brand. Product characteristics and advantages are also added here.

  1. Logotype

A marketing agency creates different versions of a brand logo that can be adapted for different platforms.

  1. Colors

At this stage, the colors that will be harmoniously combined with the logo are selected. There are primary colors and their shades that a brand can use for different purposes.

  1. Typography

It’s about using fonts that will be official for the brand. There are also different methods of when and which font to use. So brands can use it.

  1. Tone of voice.

You need to think in advance how your brand will communicate with consumers in an online format, as in advertising or in an offline store.

  1. An image.

This includes images, illustrations, individual design elements that the brand can use and place anywhere.

The importance of a brand book for any business

A brand book is needed in any case, and it doesn’t matter whether you are developing a small or a large business. When you are looking for new partners, investors and even hiring workers, you will always need a brand book.

This book will have a clear structure for the history of the brand: from corporate colors to product positioning.

Design of brand guide will facilitate the work of marketers, designers, and salespeople, because it will describe in detail exactly how to promote the product, what facts to focus the attention of consumers on, and what the company’s image should be. Another important point is the voice of the brand. This point is also added to the brand book, because it is important to know in advance how to form the individuality of the product, how to communicate with customers and how to influence the reputation of the brand. Brand book is the same dictionary for business promotion.

It will help to increase loyalty to the product, as well as its recognition in the market.

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