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Trifold brochures

how to create a triffold brochure

When it comes to traditional print marketing, people first think of brochures. No matter how popular digital marketing becomes, we can’t deny the importance of printed material.

Well-designed booklets and brochures can even turn into collectibles. They are a great tool for direct advertising and presenting a product or company to customers.

Only high-quality brochures based on the appropriate research can be effective as a marketing tool.

If you plan an advertising campaign with the use of brochures or other printed materials, it’s recommended to cooperate with specialized companies as they give access to brochures of all kinds, leaflets, and booklets

that meet customers’ requirements and instructions.

Although many companies are moving away from brochures today, there are several important reasons why you might want them to be a part of your marketing strategy.

There is a myth that brochures are only effective for service providers. And of course, the service sector actively uses brochures for its advertising campaigns, but with no less efficiency they can work for a business aimed at the sale of goods.

A simple trifold brochure is more cost-effective than a catalog. You will be able to invite customers to your store or on the company website, where they will get acquainted with the range of products and make purchases.

In addition, brochures allow you to present new products to your consumer and you don’t have to create more expensive ones to achieve these goals.

What information should be in the brochure? Usually it provides enough space to place important information about your business, such as:

  1. brief information about your company
  2. list of your products or services and/or prices
  3. contact information
  4. company logo
  5. mission 
  6. benefits of choosing your company
  7. any other moments

You can use both sides of the brochure and complete each section on both sides of the fold. You can also add discounts, coupons or your latest offers.

There are a lot of advantages of using trifold brochures, that’s why we suggest you consider them in detail.

Good brochures can easily attract potential customers’ attention. They are a must for small or developing businesses that don’t have a large marketing budget.

Brochures are easy to use and are as effective as advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Unfortunately, media space is extremely expensive because it’s shared by various companies that all compete for buyers’ attention. That’s why print marketing can definitely be a way out.

If the brochure’s content is informative and interesting with catchy and appropriate images then there are all chances the brochure will attract customers’ attention when being used. The right call to action is also needed.

Brochures are versatile. You can use such print marketing to promote any services or products almost everywhere. And also various types of information provision are available, such as product guides, leaflets, menus and newsletters.

Printing services for brochures will be cost-effective, as there usually are discounts on bulk printing.

As a regular customer, you can take advantage of this additional discount and reduce the cost of one brochure when making a big order.

Brochures are a completely new way to communicate with your potential customers, and you can easily increase your customers base if you correctly introduce your products or services.

Trifold brochures also provide easy access to information while websites and emails don’t.

Using brochures is a really good idea when you run many marketing campaigns. It may seem that one colorful brochure will always be effective.

However, one of the most important components of the success of such promotional products is the quality of content – images, design, ink and paper.

All these are a key factor that determine the effectiveness of the campaign and can allow you to get the most out of the money spent on advertising.

It’s always useful to work with professional graphic designers so that the appropriate format is optimized and unified for all brochures. The right design means the development of an informative and catchy main page.

This page’s design will determine whether most users will keep the brochure or simply throw it away.

The Trifold brochure is colorful, informative and easy to use. They contain 6 sections of useful information about a company, services or products.

All sections should be properly structured and all information carefully selected.

The truth is that most businesses that fail to use brochures don’t understand how to design and use print marketing to improve sales efficiency.

The best brochures are developed based on detailed research and understanding of the target audience.

You should also take care of the correct distribution of such promotional material: it can be various exhibitions, hypermarkets or business centers.

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