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The video impact on sales growth

Let’s look at the key benefits of using videos to increase sales and SEO optimization of online stores and other businesses. Most of online trading platforms use photographs and a brief description of their product as an illustration. However, this presentation does not allow us to examine products in detail and evaluate its quality characteristics. Videos will help to fill this gap. Video demonstration of the product allows customers to understand the benefits of your product better. 64% – 85% of visitors to websites with video content make a choice in favor to buy a product. In addition, video content is perceived as a high level of service, which gives a special status to your online store.

Websites with video content will get top 10 of Google faster

Time that users spend on your site is one of the main rankings for Google. Website with video automatically increases its ranking in top 10. Especially if your video is hosted on YouTube. According to Video Rascal, 85% people will buy a product if your page has video content. Also while analyzing the number of video views, you can determine what product or service is better for your customers.

Video catalog on YouTube

Using this popular platform allows you to expand your audience, which means attracting potential buyers. In addition YouTube channel can be monetized and receive additional income.

Publications and social reposts

The more people talk about your store, more opportunities are used to attract new customers. If user finds your product video interesting, he makes shares and reposts in socials. So this is another additional advertising channel. But it is much better to create your own online store account on Instagram or Facebook.

What and how to show?

First of all, you should determine which video will be interesting to your customers and beneficial to you. This can be a video catalog of products, announcement of promotions, new products review, etc. Shoot videos with your employees. Their professional skills will allow them to provide the most important and useful information about your product in a short period of time. Also this approach will significantly reduce the budget of the video.

So, video content can take your online store to a whole new level. Video provides a flow of visitors, user loyalty, high positions in search engines, which leads to an increase in the number of purchases. Use different formats, compare results and find your ideal sales video formula.

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