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Short videos and loyalty

video shorts

Short videos bring the most loyal customers to brands. Imagine going for shopping and looking at the same red dress over and over again. You loved it from the first sight, but the price was too high. The dress is so attractive that you keep coming back to the store and enjoy seeing it.

But one day, unexpectedly, you get a salary bonus or a new profitable project and you think: this is the high time to please yourself and buy that red dress!
Now let’s compare the situation with TikTok or Reels, where we see that “dress” every day (by “dress” we mean any product or service).

The user actually lives with this “dress” online, and when he comes to the stage he needs to buy it, he comes to the seller already “warmed up”.

Some experts and brands have already studied the level of customer loyalty from this channel and began to use it not only to attract an audience, but also to build loyalty. Testimonials, customer interviews, customer blogger reviews – all these video formats work for brand or product loyalty.

Brands can generate UGC content* with the help of loyal viewers. By offering discounts, bonuses and other goodies, brands motivate users to shoot short videos with mentions – this is, in fact, the last stage of the funnel. But not everything is so simple. On the one hand such a content works to build the loyalty of those who have already purchased the goods.

On the other hand, it creates interest among those who have no idea about the product or do not yet understand the need for it. Thus, brands further expand the sphere of influence on the consumer.

* User-generated content – content that is created by ordinary customers, “inspired” by certain products or services, and not by marketers or copywriters.


In the Concept group of companies, we work with cross-platform video strategies – when we use the same content several times in different channels. The reach of brands with such a strategy grows dozens of times. Here you need to consider one main rule – the order of publication of videos. TikTok has a strict requirement for the uniqueness of video content, and even if you publish a video in stories and then post it on TikTok, it will not be promoted. Therefore, we always publish on TikTok first, and then on all other networks.

While text content can not be duplicated in all networks, it works with video and brings reach to various audiences.

What's next?

Considering the grows of clip way of thinking and the increase of data consumption speed, the short video format will evolve on all platforms. Trends to develop – expertise, meanings, nativeness and creativity.

If a simple script can soon be written by a neural network, then it will be more difficult to get creative from artificial intelligence.

In the format of short videos, people will learn, do what they love, share emotions, have fun, travel, watch TV shows. Watching such a short video takes much less time than a full-fledged YouTube video or TV show.

But this format also has its downsides. The depth of meaning is small, the amount of data is reduced, the information is given superficially. This is where the marketing funnel is relevant with the continued consumption of interesting information. I believe that this type of funnel will be one of the most relevant in modern digital strategies. The “advert + full information” format will be actively developing in short videos of educational, expert, and product accounts.

Another trend is mobile shot. The quality of the video from the phone is hardly worse than of the camera, and with good lighting, even a professional will not always distinguish the difference. Phones have good stabilization and even a lavaliere is not always needed.

Mobile shooting is much easier to master than camera shooting, and it is becoming more accessible to everyone. Many SMM specialists will go for mobile shooting until neural networks have learned how to shoot video content.

We can talk endlessly about short videos, but I am sure that this is a trend for the next 2-3 years.

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