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Short Video Production

short videos creation

As tons of content compete for users’ attention, businesses devise new ways to engage their audience and stay relevant in the market.

Short video production is a great way to create engaging and informative videos that communicate your message quickly and effectively. Short videos are quick and to-the-point. They can be used for different purposes, such as marketing and advertising.

What is a short video

A short video is one that is less than five minutes long. However, the length of a video can vary depending on several factors, such as the platform to be used, or the purpose of the video.

Types Of Short Videos

Different types of short videos are used for different purposes and in different industries. These are some of the most popular short videos:

1. Documentary short

This is a factual video that aims to capture real-world events as they happen. In marketing, documentary shorts are a great way to show your audience behind-the-scenes events in your business.

2. Entertainment shorts

They are designed to amuse and entertain viewers. They can be comedic or dramatic, and often take the form of music videos or sketches.

3. Informational Shorts

They are designed to educate viewers on a specific topic. Their use varies from promotion of products and services to teaching people about new technology. Businesses use short advertisement videos to inform their audience on a promotional offer, an event launch, or anything related to their business.

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Steps In Making Short Videos

Whether you’re an independent marketer or a short video production company, following a proper short video production process is integral to achieving aims of video production. The steps to create a short video includes: 

  1. Strategy: Here, you can define the video goals, determine your key performance indicators, as well as other details you need to do a perfect job. 
  2. Pre-production: The pre-production entails identifying every resource required to produce a video. This step requires you to put your strategy into action. Activities in this step include, script writing, talent and location scouting, instrument sourcing, etc.
  3. Production: This is where the actual shooting takes place.  
  4. Post-production: This step includes transforming the video in the production phase into a finished product ready for distribution. Editing, sound mixing, and visual effects are some of the practices in this stage.
  5. Distribution: This entails releasing the video to the target audience. Following an already established distribution plan, finished videos are shared to the world to achieve production goals.

How Short Videos Aid Marketing

Marketers use short video to quickly grab viewers’ attention. On video-centric platforms like YouTube and Tiktok, where users access multiple videos at once, short videos ads allows marketers to quickly pass their message. Most times, short videos play briefly interrupts viewers as they watch videos; therefore, they must attract them in a second.

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Short Videos In Ads

For marketers, short video ads like Instagram reels and YouTube shorts are essential for promotion. On video-centric  platforms like YouTube and Tiktok, where users access large amount of videos,  passing a concise message quickly, and getting people to take action.

Facebook is a typical example of a company that uses short videos in its ads. Facebook short video ads have become popular among promoters, and it is a more effective advertising method than text or photo ads. 

Besides Facebook, other short video ads examples are on platforms like YouTube,  Instagram, and TikTok.

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