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Promotion on Amazon: how to effectively promote products inside and outside of the platform

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in the world, it has captured the Google top for all ecommerce queries and its monthly traffic is more than 2.9B visitors.

In this article, we will deal with the promotion of online stores (products) on Amazon, what are the features of working with this platform, as well as how to design and optimize your store in order to increase awareness and attract a motivated target audience when promoting on Amazon.

Promotion on Amazon: platform search algorithm

Amazon differs from its kind by its perfect search, which selects products as accurately as possible according to requests.

Even Google accepts the fact that the number of product searches coming to Amazon is 3 times higher than theirs. To achieve this result, Amazon specialists have spent more than a year to create and improve their own internal search engine.

What is the Amazon search algorithm?

The Amazon search algorithm A9 system is the result of huge financial investments and was created by one of the subsidiaries. Its advantage is that A9 starts working long before the user enters his request into the search line.

First of all, the system indexes all the texts of internal online stores and their products, then analyzes the features and patterns of traffic. And, based on the data received, it creates a package of offers for the buyer.

With the help of perfectly thought-out cues in the search line when entering a query, A9 will help the visitor not only decide on the purchase of a product, but also will suggest a dozen fresh ideas for purchases.

In relation to stores, A9 works like this: it instantly links customer requests to the most relevant products in the catalog. The algorithm is based on a single metric – revenue from the first click!

For example: if a buyer queries “gaming keyboard” and buys a product on the first page of the search results, where the title or description contains a key phrase, the store rises in the rating. At the same time, products with the key phrases “wireless keyboard”, “smart keyboard”, etc. remain in the same places.

Based on this, it is necessary to start promotion with a thorough collection of semantics and SEO optimization of all texts in the store.

Internal store optimization on Amazon

Most potential buyers start searching directly on Amazon, bypassing Google. And this is not only about users who aim to purchase a product. This is basically about consumers who like the possibility of purchasing in “one click” (one click checkout).

The first thing you need to do is collect or complete a list of the most relevant keywords for your products. But you don’t need to use them in your texts thoughtlessly. Amazon’s algorithms are not good at ranking products with spammy descriptions. Try to create concise texts, but fully characterize the goods.

What else to consider when creating a listing:

  1. Do not use more than one key phrase in the title;
  2. Don’t include a competitor’s brand name in the description;
  3. Do not provide false information;
  4. Do not abuse keywords in the text;
  5. Don’t punctuate keywords in a phrase.

Remember that the listing is first of all written for the buyer, and only then for the Amazon algorithm.

The selected semantics can be written:

  1. In the name of the product;
  2. In the detailed description of the goods;
  3. In the caption to the image and in Alt image;
  4. In search terms (when editing the product description in the Seller Central line).
  5. In the title of the video for the product;
  6. In the Questions and Answers;
  7. In product reviews.

What data is necessary in the listing

  1. Name;
  2. Actual cost (discount/special offer);
  3. Photo of the goods from all sides;
  4. Video review of the product;
  5. Brief description of technical/physical features;
  6. Product description in the table;
  7. Detailed description in text.

In other words, you must create a listing that would thoroughly cover the buyer’s interest.

This speeds up the decision making process. And, keeping in mind that B2C business works “on emotions” it is a great way to convince the buyer of your store reliability and the quality of the goods.

What else can help your store to increase “emotional” sales

There are several well-established rules for creating a listing that will push the buyer to make the right decision.

  1. The price must not end with “0”. The human brain works in such a way that we round off any number that does not end with “0”. For the visitor, the price of $299 seems more attractive than $300. 
  2. Always indicate what the consumer can save when there is a discount. If you have a promotion and you provide a discount of even 5%, try to show it clearly. Be sure to write down the old price (readable, even if it is crossed out).
  3. Create “urgency”. Specify the validity period of the offer up to a minute and the shorter the period, the better it will motivate the buyer to purchase.
  4. Increase the number of reviews on your product page. Preferably with a photo. How to do it? Just offer your customers a bonus for a detailed review. It could be a discount, but better any product in addition. If this is a phone, then for example, donate a charging cable, a case or a protective glass. It’s not very expensive, but a few dozen positive reviews about your store and products will increase the trust of the audience and influence the purchase decision. Most of us read reviews when choosing a store or brand/model.
  5. Create scarcity marketing. This method is similar to creating urgency. The idea is to show the customer that the item at that price will run out soon. This will greatly speed up the decision making process.

How to promote products on Amazon using link building?

We’ve figured out the internal optimization and improvements. Now let’s define the promotion strategy outside the platform.

When promoting a product on Amazon, there is no way to analyze the competitor’s link profile since there’s no separate sites. Moreover, store owners are not interested in creating a link profile. But this does not mean that links are not needed. Here are some of the benefits of working with link building:

  1. Attracting the target audience to your product pages;
  2. Increasing the brand awareness of your store;
  3. Growth of user confidence;
  4. Creating a positive tone around the brand.

All these lead to sales in one way or another. What else do we need from an Amazon store?

But how to build a promotion strategy if SEO indicators are not our goal? When promoting a store under Amazon, you need to understand that the main goal is the buyer and his trust. That’s why we can use the following methods.

Crowd marketing as a promotion on Amazon

It is one of the key ways to promote stores on Amazon. First you should pay attention to creating positive comments about your store/products on forums, Q&A sites, on feature articles in blogs, and in other communities. For B2C businesses, comments are simply critical.

What needs to be considered?

  1. You are interested in a motivated target audience, so choose thematic discussions, not thematic platforms.
  2. Improve the author’s profile. Always fill out the author’s questionnaire on the site, add all the necessary information and wait at least 2 weeks before writing the first targeted comment.
  3. Place not only posts with links but neutral comments too.
  4. Write simply, informatively. Stick to a conversational style in your posts.
  5. Use visuals. A product photo or video will fit perfectly into the big picture.

And remember: you write for people. Try to be helpful. Determine the pains of the discussion participants and solve them with your comment.

How to promote products on Amazon using guest posts?

Nowadays, there are many blogs and online publications where you can publish useful materials about your products. The type of the store does not matter at all: either these are cameras and office equipment or teddy bears, you can publish useful articles.

What needs to be considered?

  1. Write simply, clearly and structured.
  2. Format the text: break it into small paragraphs, use bulleted lists, quotes, bold.
  3. Always explain complex things in simple terms.
  4. Write on behalf of a specific person, not a brand.
  5. Try to present the text – screenshots / photos / video reviews.
  6. Prove the information by official sources.

Also do not just describe products and their benefits, make collections of life hacks and ideas for its application.

Social media for promotion on Amazon

In Europe and America, besides Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, there are also LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest and others. Can you imagine how many links you can create?

What needs to be considered?

  1. Completed profile;
  2. The account is more than two weeks old;
  3. There are posts in the feed.

Outreach promotion on Amazon

Another method of link building promotion on Amazon, which will allow you to get links on high-quality platforms with good traffic. 

The thing is to place your store / individual products in portfolio, articles, ratings, under videos and wherever possible, by communicating with the owner.

The scheme of work is simple:

  1. Choose a site where you would like to post;
  2. Determine the most concise method;
  3. Search for contacts of the owner or representative of the platform;
  4. Contact him/her with a request for placement (since barter “link to link” is not possible, you can offer money or goods);
  5. Get agreement;
  6. Get profit.

Important. Do not use work mail for outreach. She can be blocked.

Any business needs external promotion. And the final result depends only on how well the strategy is built.

Amazon has fierce competition between stores. Sometimes the final decision of the buyer depends on a couple of little things. The main task is to make these little things work for you.

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