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What do you need to know about data in marketing

Data analysis and adaptation of information to business and promotion trends. These are the aspects without which you can’t start advertising on the Internet. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large advertising budget. If you start correctly with minimal investments in promotion, you will receive true analytics and new profit indicators.

Which marketing tool will produce the best results? No one can predict this, because promotion through different platforms can give different results for the business. To get the first data from advertising, you need to create a landing page if you are promoting e-commerce. You need to set up basic SEO optimization so that your site starts ranking in search.

Collecting user data is important at the optimization stage. So it is better to install special codes from Facebook or Google Analytics pixels. When you receive the results of the research, you will be able to analyze the behavior of site visitors.

  1. Why does the client leave the site quickly?
  2. What influences the client’s decision to read the landing page to the end?
  3. Why did a person spend a long time on the site, but didn’t fill out the form?

These are the most popular questions to ask during the initial data analysis. Then it will be easier to create contextual advertising for business, because you will understand user behavior. In addition, the first launch of advertising will help you find the first customers.

The next stage is data collection through social networks. It is a more complex and expensive tool in marketing, but will give more results in sales. How to understand which platform is better to promote your product? This cannot be analyzed without prior testing. The first step is to create a company page in various social networks. Your team should define a corporate style that will distinguish your business from the competition. The second step is to create a content strategy and publish stories and posts. At this stage, you need to analyze the results based on user actions: why do people comment, what are they interested in reading and why do they subscribe.

Remember to launch targeted advertising. If your page is ready for advertising, then prepare materials for a complex campaign. It is worth mixing formats: photo, video, and also come up with creative offers for banners. After testing, collect analytics and analyze the audience that was most active and stopped on the pages. Users from social networks and websites are different portraits of a potential client. They may have a different motive, interest and pain, that’s why they come to your profile. At this stage, you need to filter out the audience that doesn’t buy and shape the content according to the needs of future buyers.

One of the trends in marketing is the transition of business to systematic SEO promotion. If you have successfully used the data from previous methods of promotion, then Internet advertising will give even better results. This approach consists of three stages: internal and external optimization, as well as regular web analytics. In simple words, it is about the number of conversions from the link to your site and the improvement of the site from the point of view of search engines. The higher your site will be among others, the more users will switch to your platform. Active sales is the reason why SEO is used more and more, because users trust sites that offer Google advertising.

When your business passes all those stages, you will be able to form a brand. That is, you will increase the recognition of your product, you will be trusted and bought without doubts. The merit is not in advertising, but in the correct use of data about your buyer. What are the prospects for brand formation?

  1. Minimization of financial and reputational risks.

Data about the user will help reduce the risk that the customer will leave a negative review, that your ad won’t work, etc.

  1. Raising a check.

You will be able to raise the price of a product or service without losing regular customers.

  1. Promotion of new products.

When there is trust in the brand, it is not a problem to bring a new product to the market.

In addition, you will be able to establish profitable relationships with business partners and scale it. What depends on the effectiveness of marketing in your niche? You must constantly analyze your buyer, his behavior and decisions, as well as adapt your content and advertising to people’s needs and interests.

Cookies can be another of the methods of promotion. It is also an effective tool in marketing, when you remember the user’s behavior and select for him the information that is definitely interesting. That way, you don’t let people forget about your product.

If you promote your business on the Internet, keep up with the trends. Video content, interaction with the user and establishment of emotional contact are popular now. Additional tools include chatbots, collaborations with non-profit organizations and an active public stance.

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