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Creativity in marketing 2023

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Why should you use creativity in marketing?

The content of any ‘advertising’ space must grab the attention and involve the consumer otherwise it’s a vain attempt! David Ogilvy once said “What really decides consumers to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form”.

Despite the mass of content available today, brands must find ways to tap into their target audiences’ needs and motivations in a unique, unusual or different way.

Here are 5 reasons why creativity is so important in marketing:

  1.   Differentiation – your brand, product, or service should not be like everyone else’s. Creative and original content is far more likely to catch a consumer’s attention than conventional advertising;
  2.   Making an emotional connection with customers – emotions are powerful tools for persuading customers to buy and for building relationships between companies and their brands;
  3.   It builds brand awareness – a factor that leads to increased sales and customer retention;
  4.   Improving your return on investment (ROI)- you are much more likely to have people share and spread good content organically if you invest in good creative.

Brands are able to compete more effectively when they combine creative and unique messages with personalization.

Creativity in 2022

The creative industries in 2022 have seen a lot of brilliant potential, and a few trends have been revealed to have a big impact on them.

So here are a few things you need to know about creativity in 2022.

1) In our everyday lives, technology is more undivided than ever. It seems impossible because it’s so everywhere, but more and more of us use it creatively daily, often without even realizing it.

2) It’s been proven that we all learn visually. Images are remembered better by the brain than words, and stories are much more memorable than lists.

3) Whether we’re watching, reading, listening or socializing with content, we want to be able to do so anytime from anywhere on our own device.

4) A digital tool does make it easier to create – a second of footage can be worth millions if you include captions, which are either informative or entertaining. Moreover, nowadays anyone with an idea and a camera can create almost anything they want.

5) Digital expression opens up new possibilities for designers, including augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.

6) People with creative talents have new career options. Artificial intelligence and robotics machines may complete many traditional tasks, but the need for truly unique and individual creativity is massive. Different thinkers are already in high demand.

Creative thinking and collaborative working produce better solutions.

Top trends of creative marketing

As digital advertising continues to develop, the brands must quickly learn to adapt to trends and develop creative assets in advertising to continue reaching consumers.

Here are four of the top trends for creative advertising in 2022:

  1. Mobile Designs – internet access is mostly done from mobile devices. So advertisers and designers are prioritizing their ad designs. Mobile ad designs use advanced techniques, such as using mobile-type extensions and optimizing landing pages to deliver the best consumer experience.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – advertisers now use artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically identify and segment audiences, build creative ads, optimize ad spend, and even test and improve ad performance.
  3. Personalization – the concept of personalization isn’t new to digital marketing, but some advertisers are retooling their processes to utilize its new tactics to build loyal and engage audiences through the use of rich media.
  4. Diversity in advertising – it has become a hot topic in films and videos, and many brands are also emphasizing it in ads. Since global and local brands have ethnic and racial diversity among their audiences, diversity in marketing relies on creativity in content and design too.

What plans of creative marketing in 2023

A marketer has to stay up-to-date with the changes in order to succeed in today’s fast-paced marketing world.

Here’s a brief summary of marketing trends that will shape the marketing strategies in 2023, based on a survey of global marketing professionals and industry experts.

  1. Influencer marketing as a common tendency

Marketers partner with influencers and experts to increase brand recognition, but not every brand can afford a celebrity, so they approach micro-influencers. The audiences they reach consider them as ordinary people and trust their opinion. That’s why they’re gonna be more effective at converting leads and spreading brand awareness.

  1. Short video content will be a priority for video marketers

As a result of the popularity of short videos, it will continue to grow in 2023. Long videos can provide a large amount of information about a brand or service, but both B2C and B2B marketers realize that short videos can actually be much more effective for getting to the point.

  1. Social media as a customer service tool.

It is relatively new to use social media for customer service, but this trend is quickly gaining popularity. In addition, some social media platforms have already been expanding their e-commerce capabilities, providing customer service on these platforms.

  1. Businesses will increasingly use SEO to increase search traffic.

In order to be successful as marketers, we must make sure that our content and websites are easily indexed by search engines. SEO’s strategies are not new, but they are becoming more and more ingrained within modern marketing strategies.

  1. Optimizing for mobile devices will become even more important.

Over half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices, including tablets, every year, suggesting that consumers are spending more and more time on these devices.

  1. Brands that grow organically will remain at the top of their game.

Organic marketing makes a lot of sense in a time of digital transformation.

Through a refocusing strategy, you will be able to build trust digitally and drive customers to your content.

  1. Native advertising will be tested by more brands.

The reason this strategy is becoming increasingly popular is that it works. It aims to blend in with your brand’s existing message, instead of interrupting and standing out like traditional advertising.

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