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Promotion on Amazon: effective ways and tools

Amazon is one of the platforms for product promotion. The goods presented there are seen by more than 310 million potential buyers from all over the world.

80% of the success on this platform depends on the right promotion: content generation, advertising, reviews, brand promotion. Today we will analyze what are the ways to promote on Amazon.

Search algorithm principles

Amazon is famous for its perfect search, which selects products for requests as accurately as possible. The number of requests on this marketplace exceeds even Google.

This search algorithm is an A9 system that starts working even before a query is entered. The system indexes the texts of internal shops and cards and forms an individual package of offers for a particular visitor. As a result, the user sees relevant help in the line at the moment when typing a query.

Based on revenue from the first click, the algorithm associates keywords with relevant positions in the catalog.

Search results are generated organically.

Let’s assume that the buyer entered the query “Playstation” in the search box. If he buys a product from the very first result page, and the key phrase is present in the title or in a description of the store card, the seller will move up in the rating. The rest will remain in their previous places.

So the best way to start would be organic promotion. Particular attention should be paid to the semantic core and high-quality SEO optimization of all placed texts.

Internal optimization

The first thing you need to do for organic promotion is make a complete list of relevant keywords in your topic.

Selected phrases can be used in:

  1. product name;
  2. short statements on the first-run;
  3. detailed description;
  4. images captions;
  5. titles of overview videos;
  6. reviews;
  7. blocks with questions and answers.

But keep in mind that the Amazon algorithms do not welcome excessive spamming. It’s important to keep a balance. Texts should be concise, but at the same time fully characterize the product.

Here’s the rules we recommend:

  1. only one main key phrase or word should be indicated in the title;
  2. post truthful information;
  3. do not overdo with search queries in the description;
  4. do not separate keywords by punctuation marks;
  5. do not replace relevant phrases with synonyms or misspelled spellings.

 When creating a listing, first of all, you need to focus on buyer’s convenience, and only then on Amazon algorithms. Do not forget to add high-quality photos, current price tags, technical specifications, videos, a short and full description of the product. A store card that reveals all the features of the proposed product speeds up the decision-making process.

To improve the operation of the account, the system provides recommendations individually for each user of the platform. They can be found in the Listing Enhancements section of your personal account in the Inventory tab.

Paid promotion options

You can promote the brand as a whole or certain products separately on the platform. To do this, there are different advertising tools.

  1. Sponsored Products Ads

SPA is a way to advertise individual products on Amazon.

Advertisements in this case are shown in search results when a user searches for a similar product. They are marked with the Sponsored badge.

Creatives can pop up in the detail tabs when you click on a product or as a banner next to a testimonial block.

It is impossible to select the location of ad creatives. It is determined by the system. As practice shows, ads that are placed at the top of the search receive the highest clickability.

Campaigns are automatic and manual. With automatic targeting, it is set up by the system itself; with manual targeting – by the seller, who selects the type of targeting, sets up keywords, and sets the bid.

This method is suitable both for novice sellers who have no traffic at all yet, and for experienced marketplace partners who want to increase their reach. One ad shows one specific product.

This format increases demand, attracts traffic well, and helps to keep interest in the product and brand.

It works like this:

  1. there is a traffic increase;
  2. sales increase;
  3. goods move up in the search ranking;
  4. growing reach;
  5. the offer stands out from the competition.

In order for buyers to see Products Ads, the product must have a Buy Box button. It can be obtained if the seller works according to the FBA scheme, has a professional account, and provides high-quality customer service. Mandatory criteria are also novelty and availability of goods. The exact mechanism for getting the button is unknown. It moves from one seller to another on the platform.

SPA payment is carried out according to the pay-per-click model. If, as a result, advertising does not bring sales, then there is a possibility that this product is not in demand on Amazon. In this case, it is worth reviewing the assortment and, possibly, choosing a new niche.

1. Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands is another type of advertisement that showcases up to 3 products and a brand logo. The main goal of this campaign is to increase awareness. In addition, it informs the audience about new products, promotes seasonal products, increases the demand for best-selling products, and attracts new customers.

This is how it works:

  1. the seller sets up the campaign;
  2. puts keywords for targeting;
  3. when typing relevant search queries, platform visitors see the Sponsored Brands block;
  4. if the buyer clicks on the logo, he goes to the store page or a separate landing page, if provided;
  5. by clicking on a product, the visitor is redirected to the store card.

Payment is made by the PPC model. Means the advertiser pays per click. During the setup process, you can set a budget and choose a maximum allowable bid.

Ads within this advertising campaign are placed in several places: to the left of the search results, at the top or bottom of the Search box.

The most effective place to advertise is at the top of the search results, since this is the part that users see in the first place.

The Sponsored Brands tool is for Brand Owner and Manufacturer Retailers only.

Advertisers must meet the following requirements:

  1. have an active professional account on Amazon;
  2. offer shipping within the USA;
  3. provide a list of products in one or more of the available categories.
  4. Advertising works for most categories on the marketplace.

2. Display Ads

Display Ads – CPM (cost per mille) advertising with pay per 1,000 impressions. It is displayed not only on Amazon, but also on external sites.

The new advertising tool provides 2 types of advertisements:

  •       Video ads. There are separate videos (outstream) and video ads that are part of another video (instream). The first type of video lasts 15-30 seconds, the second – up to 3 minutes.
  •       Display ads. Shown in different sizes on desktop and mobile devices. May include reach content, including audio and video. They look like banners, mobile interstitials with a CTA button that adapt to the screen size.

Advertising works as a retargeting principle, interacting with users who have already shown interest in the product. For example, they visited a marketplace website or a specific store on Amazon, viewed a product listing, but did not purchase anything.

There is also another advertising strategy that aims to increase brand awareness. It engages new users who have not yet shown interest in the offer. This strategy works well for Google Ads.

This method of promotion is not advisable to use at the start. It is designed for a more advanced business with a large advertising budget.

Participation in platform promotional activities

Promotions are an effective tool to increase sales. One of the most popular promotions on the marketplace is the massive annual Amazon Prime Day sale. It is held every summer and this is a great chance for site sellers. Within 36 hours of the promotion, you can significantly increase reach and profit, improve your reputation and ranking positions. 

You need to plan promotions for Prime Day in advance. Amazon has a strict deadline for submitting applications. Usually applications for participation are accepted 6-8 weeks before the event, package offers are necessary to be completed approximately a month in advance.

Promotion tools within Prime Day:

  1. offer of the day (for manufacturers). One or more related products participate. The discount is valid strictly for one day;
  2. coupons. This is a discount on certain products;
  3. “Lightning deals” (available to manufacturers and ordinary sellers). Promotion with certain offers valid for a short period of time. Often the buyer can buy only one unit, pre-selected by the seller to participate.

So that participation in Prime Day gives the maximum result, you should carefully prepare for it. The most important thing is to optimize graphic and text content and provide a budget for promotion.

External traffic

To increase sales even more, you need to attract traffic to the platform from third-party resources.

For this purpose, you should use:

  • YouTube;
  • Reddit;
  • Pinterest;
  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Twitter;
  • all kinds of blogs.

For example, you can run an advertising campaign on social networks or advertise with popular influencer bloggers. Influencers promote listings on Amazon using affiliate links.

To attract the attention of potential buyers in social networks, they post promotional codes or useful information with a link to the page, arrange Giveaways – contests with gifts for advertising in the profile.

Advertisements must meet the following requirements:

  1. simple and understandable text;
  2. the information is structured: divided into small paragraphs, there are bulleted lists and highlights;
  3. the appeal does not come from the brand, but from a specific person;
  4. there are photos, video reviews, screenshots;
  5. not just a boring description of the product is given, but life hacks, ideas, tips for use, and so on;
  6. all is confirmed by reliable official sources.

You can ask customers to post product reviews on their social media or blogs. As a motivation, use various bonuses and gifts. Another way to promote is to use backlinks to the listing. Link building helps to attract a motivated target audience, create a positive brand tone and increase brand awareness.

You can also use crowd marketing – leave positive comments about the store on Amazon thematic forums, Q/A sites, blogs and communities.

In this case, it is necessary to:

  1. choose precisely targeted discussions in which potential clients can participate;
  2. upgrade the author’s profile (it is advisable to fill in all the required data in the profile, and leave the first comment no earlier than 2 weeks after creating the account);
  3. publish not only positive comments with links, but also neutral text;
  4. stick to a conversational style;
  5. use photos and videos.


Promotion is an essential part of any effective business development strategy. This also applies to the popular Amazon marketplace. To be successful on it, you need to correctly promote your store and product. You can use internal targeted ads, advertising of individual products or a product and a brand together.

It is also worth paying attention to listings: they should provide comprehensive information about the products you offer. In addition, we would recommend thinking about high-quality SEO optimization. This is especially important for new sellers who don’t have organic traffic yet.


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