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Rebranding and brand promotion


Manufacturer of goods for people with disabilities. The organization employs more than 50% of people with disabilities, and the focus of the work is aimed at meeting the needs of them.


Promotion in social networks:

  • sale of goods;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • stand a brand out from competitors;
  • driving traffic to the site from social networks.


  • creating new logo

Graphic Design

  • visuals for target advertising
  • posts and stories design


  1. Solution

    Our marketing and graphic design team started with analyzing Spinlife’s competitors, target audience and creating a USP. 

    Target audience description

    Customers: elderly men and women with disabilities. Children and grandchildren of people with disabilities. Anyone who spends a long time doing sedentary work in a work chair, drives a car. 

    Age: 30-50+ years

    Income: average and average+

    Spinlife’s USP: 

    An anti-decubitus cushion made of washable elastomeric 3D material is recommended for use in a wheelchair, for those who do sedentary work for a long time, and for bedridden patients.


    • It can be of different sizes, have different densities and heights. 
    • It has a removable cover that simplifies sanitation. The case is made of “breathable” fabric. 
    • Dries quickly.

    When creating social media content, we keeped in mind the following principles

    1. Creating content that sells for an audience with disabilities. 
    2. The communication style is simple, caring.
    3. The visual strategy involves the use of two types of content:

    – photos with people

    – graphics.

    Logo must be simple and recognizable. It should look great at any design media.

    When launching targeted we will increase the likelihood of converting leads into customers by tailoring our message to specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. 

    A successful outcome depends on a well-crafted strategy, including setting clear goals, defining your target audience, and selecting the right platforms to advertise on. With careful planning and execution, targeted advertising can result in increased brand awareness, higher engagement rates, and ultimately, more sales.


As a result of our efforts, Spinlife has experienced significant success in reaching its target audience and achieving its marketing goals. Our targeted advertising campaigns have driven traffic to the site from social media platforms, resulting in increased sales and revenue. 


The rebranding efforts have also helped to build a stronger brand identity and differentiate Spinlife from its competitors. The new logo is simple, recognizable, and looks great on all design media thanks to its blue color. 


Our graphics and visuals for targeted ads have also been highly effective in capturing the attention of our target audience and conveying the benefits of Spinlife’s products. 


Overall, our marketing and graphic design team has helped Spinlife to successfully promote its goods for people with disabilities, increase brand awareness, and drive sales through targeted advertising and rebranding efforts.

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