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NY Food Delivery


We were approached by a New York-based express food delivery company. They wanted to develop a brand strategy and a promotion strategy. The main requirement: it is necessary to take into account the key advantages of the delivery service. These advantages are: speed, preservation of food quality (warmth, smells, etc.), and polite staff.


We immediately started the project. We have divided it into stages for the convenience of its implementation:


  1. Consumer research, identifying preferences, creating a portrait of the audience.
  2. Studying competitors, their services, and capabilities.
  3. received data research and the development of a brand promotion strategy.
  4. creation of key visuals, design and branding of promotional materials.


We carefully studied the real and potential customers of the service at the very first moment. We determined their preferences, lifestyle, and daily routine. We found out how much time they spend at home and in their offices, where they order food, how long they are willing to wait for delivery, and other features. Based on the data obtained, we compiled a detailed portrait of the target customer.


In addition to potential customers, we also researched the competitive environment. During testing, we established the main advantages of the product, the strengths and weaknesses of the brand. This let us show off the most important parts of the service and the company’s main selling point.


Having studied all the received and processed data, our team of brand managers developed a long-term brand strategy for the client. When making the strategy, we put most of our attention on the client’s following benefits:


  • – Speed of food delivery (this is one of the company’s key advantages over competitors.
  • – Reliability of packaging and preservation of all properties of dishes upon delivery.
  • – The team’s positive attitude and courteous treatment of customers.


This data also formed the basis for the development of bright visuals that emphasized the advantages of the company. The basis was a combination of orange, white, and green. colors, with the dominance of orange. The orange arrow symbolizes the fastest and shortest path that couriers use when delivering food to customers. In this context, orange symbolizes speed. All visuals were created universally, which allows you to brand anything. Today we have placed the brand in new colors on:


  • – Promotional materials.
  • – Road transport.
  • – containers, backpacks, and courier uniforms.


Please note that all these visuals can be easily used in digital promotion.

The client noted the professional qualities of our team and the speed of the project. We hope that this is the beginning of a long and effective cooperation.

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