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Complex brand development


Men’s Cosmetics is a market segment that is rapidly gaining popularity. Our customer is a producer of premium products in this niche


To create a complex new brand, its strategy and positioning in order to bring a premium product to the market.

Because this company is in the high-end market and is sold in Europe, it was important to develop an upscale and fashionable brand that highlights the high status of its customers. Additionally, it was important to communicate the product’s key selling point through the identity components — that product is derived from thermal water from mountain springs.


  1. Naming

The name of one of the US states, Montana, was selected by CMCG experts as the brand name. This term has “mountain” as its root. The state’s hilly landscape and various mountains are the reasons it was given that name. This is how the brand’s unique name, Mountana, came to be. This was successful in highlighting the benefit of the product’s high-quality composition while demonstrating that it is designed for real men.

  1. Packaging and product line design

Before designing the packaging and the full product line, our team researched the products of competitors and determined the preferences of the target market. Men’s cosmetics with packaging in dark colors, such as gray, black, or dark blue, are in high demand.

To set Mountana products apart from competitors while maintaining their position as premium products for men, our professionals chose to significantly  expand the color spectrum. A happy, upbeat design with the sense of the product’s exclusivity and elitism was created for an emotional outburst. Each color of the packaging represented a different natural occurrence: white represented the color of snow on Montana mountain peaks, orange represented a sunset, dark green represented woods, etc.

  1. Corporate logo development  

The logo for each packaging is selected depending on its color.


Our team understood exactly what the client was trying to achieve from the get-go and coped with the task.

The client appreciated the considerable effort put into developing a quality brand. The smallest details of the name, logo, and design were all carefully considered. This excellent brand development will enable the trademark to occupy its proper position within its industry.

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