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E-commerce promotion campaign for a brand


A supplier of industrial videoscopes and imaging inspection systems


A brand selling inspection systems wanted to increase their visibility and started sales on the Amazon Europe platform. The goal was to expand their brand into a new market through e-commerce. They recognized the importance of having visually appealing product listings and promoting their Amazon account to stand out from competitors. We wanted to increase their customer base and build brand awareness among health-conscious consumers in this new market.


To achieve the goal, our complex marketing agency  implemented a brand positioning strategy that focused on providing high-quality, sustainable products that meet the needs of consumers.

The brand hired our branding and digital agency to develop visuals for their product listings and create a strategy for promoting their products on Amazon and outside. The agency conducted a thorough analysis of the brand’s competitors and identified areas where they could improve their visuals and promotional efforts.

Our visual strategy showcased the  products in an appealing and eye-catching way, using high-quality product photography and lifestyle images that communicated the benefits of the products and the lifestyle they represent.

For the product listings, our branding team created eye-catching images and videos that highlighted the benefits and features of each product. We also optimized the product titles, descriptions, and keywords to improve search rankings and increase conversions.


To promote the products on Amazon, our digital team developed a social media campaign that targeted the brand’s ideal audience. Were created engaging posts that showcased the brand’s products to encourage followers to visit their Amazon page. Team also ran Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns to increase visibility and drive sales.


As a result of our efforts, we successfully brought the brand to a new market through e-commerce. After implementing the new visuals and promotional strategies, the brand saw a significant increase in website traffic, in sales on Amazon and its customer base grew significantly. Our brand positioning strategy proved effective in establishing ourselves as a trusted and reliable source for inspection products. The new listings we introduced were well-received by consumers and promotion helped us connect with potential customers and showcase products. Product listings received more clicks and conversions, and their Amazon account gained more followers and positive reviews. The social media campaign generated a high level of engagement, leading to increased brand awareness and loyalty. The brand was able to gain a competitive advantage on Amazon and establish themselves as a top seller in their category. Overall, we achieved the goal of expanding the brand into a new market through e-commerce.

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