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Complex marketing for strong brand identity and effective Ad campaigns


DolceKaffe, European Trademark


To conduct comprehensive marketing research, establish a powerful brand identity and develop an efficient advertising campaign for the DolceKaffe Trademark.


To further elaborate on the project, the research phase involved analyzing the coffee industry trends, including consumer preferences, market size, and growth potential. Competitor analysis was also conducted to identify the strengths and weaknesses of other coffee brands and determine how DolceKaffe could stand out on the market.

The coffee Trademark has the following target audience:

– both men and women

– Age: 18-45 years

– Interests: coffee lovers, active users of social networks, people who appreciate the quality and environmental friendliness of products, students and young professionals, busy lifestyle, lovers of travel and new experiences.

– Income: average and above average

They may also be interested in environmentally friendly and sustainable products. The company can use this information to create marketing campaigns that will attract the attention of this audience and meet their needs. Based on this, the brand platform was developed, highlighting DolceKaffe’s commitment to sourcing premium-quality beans from sustainable farms and supporting local communities.

The new logo design incorporated elements that represented the brand’s values. The color scheme was chosen to reflect the premium quality of the brand.

The Brandbook outlined the visual and messaging guidelines for the brand, including typography, color palette, tone of voice, and imagery. This ensured consistency across all marketing materials and helped reinforce the brand’s identity.

The advertising campaign aimed to increase brand awareness and drive sales. Print ads were placed in relevant publications, billboards were strategically placed in high-traffic areas, and social media ads were targeted to the identified audience. Influencer partnerships were also established with individuals who aligned with the brand’s values and had a significant share in the target audience.


The campaign’s success was measured through tracking sales data and monitoring social media engagement. The surge in revenue demonstrated the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and the strength of the new brand identity.

The project successfully established a powerful brand identity for DolceKaffe and developed an efficient advertising campaign that increased brand awareness and boosted sales. The thorough research and strategic approach ensured that the brand resonated with the target audience and stood out in a competitive market.

The campaign successfully increased brand awareness and drove sales, resulting in a significant increase in revenue for DolceKaffe.

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