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Development of a new line of ecological detergents in the middle price segment


A manufacturer of ecological detergents that needed complex branding of a new product line.


To create a complex new brand, its strategy and positioning in order to bring a premium product to the market.


The CMCG team has done a lot of comprehensive work in the following areas:

  1. analysis of the products range, the target audience research, existing and potential markets for household chemicals and competitors
  2. classifying of the brand portfolio, consolidation of promising trademarks of products, their building up into brands according to lines
  3. development of a platform for a separate brand
  4. development of a promotion strategy for a particular brand, including a communication strategy, PR strategy and brand digital strategy
  5. product naming for a separate brand
  6. design concept for packaging of a separate brand
  7. development of the concept of an advertising campaign for a separate brand.

Also we used such methods as: CJM, U&A, and focus groups to study consumers. This made it possible to study in detail the habits and preferences of the consumer in relation to the product category, to study all contact points with the brand, and also to make a detailed analysis of the needs and behavior of the audience.


Our team understood exactly what the client was trying to achieve from the get-go and coped with the task.

The design of the logo is dominated by eco-friendly shades of green color with the leaves of evergreen exotic plants along the contour, which is a direct reference to nature and harmony. The shapes and materials of the packaging are also fully consistent with the environmental character of the new brand.

The positioning of this line was succinctly summarized in a few words: environmental friendly + safety . This is the combination that is aimed at insights into the target audience of the middle-price segment of household chemicals. We were able to create a comprehensive communication, where the product, its packaging, graphic language and brand tone affect the consumer equally.

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