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Complex digital promotion of the international summit


The European Woodworking Association is to carry out a series of summits in 2022 in the USA and Poland.


Our team was to develop:

  • marketing funnel and lead generation 
  • digital promotion strategy
  • visual concept of the event and brand positioning


We were to develop a deep understanding of the ideal audience, build an experience that keeps drawing them in, and create content that continues to raise awareness. So we:

  • Conducted market research
  • Created an event website and kept the blog optimized and fresh
  • Shared content across social (Instagram and Facebook)
  • Applied ongoing email marketing

Also, we had to decide which graphic elements and colors would define the event. Colors can affect the way the attendees feel about the event. So we should be very careful with that. Our event was focused on sustainability or the environment, so we chose a green color. As for the general elements, we chose a clean and easy-to-identify graphic design.


Creating a dedicated pop-ups banner campaign on the website was another event marketing strategy that brought more people to the event. Also did a pop-up on a website where most of our target audience hung out and did a promo campaign with them. Created a pop-up campaign and asked website visitors to sign up to get more information. This not only helped to increase registrations, but it helped lead generation as well.

The most effective means to reach out to your customers was email marketing campaigns.

The chosen color aligned with the philosophy and the message of your event.

According to post-event surveys disseminated via email marketing and social media, our team successfully accomplished a goal!

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