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Network electric filling stations


Operator of the network of electric filling stations. This company is very ambitious. Management always sets ambitious goals and achieves them. So their goal is to increase the network of electric charging stations by 2.5 times.


A new network also needs a new brand. The company turned to the CMCG team to solve this problem. After long negotiations, a decision was made: to develop a new, modern, technologically advanced brand for a network of charging stations. The brand’s focus extends to both local and international markets.


A large-scale survey was carried out to develop a brand platform and to determine the correct positioning of the brand. During the study, we selected the main groups of consumers of electric vehicles and created a portrait of the typical user of filling stations.


We analyzed all the main factors that have an influence on the decision to choose a station and identified the main barriers that hinder this decision.


We also did an analysis of the visual construction of the competitive range of international brands in the industry and compiled competitive maps.


The collected data served as the foundation for the future brand’s positioning theory, “Speed + Technology.”These categories are used by electric car users. The main audience is people of the Y generation. They are deeply involved in digital technologies, like non-standard solutions, and value their time as much as possible. The key message of positioning theory is “energy of your drive”.


The new brand also needed a short, modern name that summed up what it was all about.


MOVERTE is easy to read. It has an association with the industry and technology and will also allow you to build a brand from competitors in other countries’ markets.


As for the color scheme, dark green has become the basic color in building a corporate style. Experts from CMCG came up with ideas that used eco-friendly light green and technological gray as accent colors.


The result of the team’s work was a brand with a clear positioning and individuality.

The design team also made a 112-page brand book that has information about both offline and online ways to talk about the brand.


The set of rules for the new brand contains such traditional sections as:

—Options for using corporate identity elements in printed advertising materials;

—Exterior design: company signs, plates, and information stands were developed by our creative team;

— branding of corporate electric vehicles; and much more.


The brand book also included unique sections:

— templates for electronic presentation and advertising banners;

— layouts of instructions for the use of filling stations,

— branded splash screens for filling stations, computer monitors and screens of mobile devices;

— design standards for electric filling stations;

— design standards for locations and filling stations;

— design of super-fast electric filling hubs;

— mobile application design for IOS and Android.


We were very pleased to work with such a client and look forward to more cooperation in the future.

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