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Development of packaging for a new product line


DIVINE – a manufacturer of premium facial care products.


To develop packaging for a new product line that would reflect the DIVINE brand as much as possible and attract the attention of potential buyers. It was also important to focus on the naturalness of the products and display it on the packaging of the new product line.


The CMCG design and marketing team conducted a market research and found out that in the premium segment, buyers expect from packaging not only high-quality material and ease of use, but also aesthetic satisfaction. Consumers are women aged 20+ with various skin imperfections, but without serious problems with it. They take care of themselves, but try to avoid expensive salon procedures due to high-quality home care. For care, choose a small number of universal means, the most necessary and effective. Women’  income – average, average+

It was decided to create a package that would not only be functional, but would also be part of the overall brand concept. The designers have developed 3 different concepts of a package in the form of a stylish, minimalistic presentation. Inside it, products were placed in individual packages with graphic elements corresponding to the general concept of the brand.

Concept 1


The design was based on large typography. The name of the line, revealing its USP, is written in large font and is located in the central part of the package, attracting all attention to itself.  

The powdery tonality of the packaging serves as a neutral background for basic information, and can also be replaced with a transparent background in cases where the color and texture of the product are original and serve as an additional element of adjustment.


Concept 2


This one is based on an original geometric pattern, complemented by elements of flora, which emphasizes the natural origin of the ingredients of the line. A three-color scheme is used, where 2 tones of the same color are complemented by a third contrasting color. As a result, the pattern turns out to be bright, but easy to perceive, without excessive variegation.

The simple laconic font of the inscription and the use of color from the main color scheme of the pattern allow you to clearly distinguish the inscription even at a distance. 


Concept 3


In this version of the package, the emphasis is on watercolor semi-washed colors and silver elements for embossing (silver is a symbol of purification), pastel – spring freshness and naturalness. 

The backgrounds are made in the form of a vertical gradient, the saturation drops from top to bottom. Here we have moved away from clear geometric shapes and symmetry, all the images are blurry as in real nature, where there are no 2 flowers, petals or puddles of the same shape. The plant elements are made with thin and delicate lines, airy and translucent.


The new DIVINE packaging received positive feedback from buyers and experts in the beauty industry and graphic design. It attracts attention with its unusual design and corresponds to the high quality of the brand’s products. The successful solution of design allowed DIVINE to strengthen its position in the premium market and attract new customers. New packaging connects a manufacturer and a buyer with a communication graphic and reflects the existing brand identity.

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