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A1 Telekom Austria Group – complex marketing servicing


The company operates and develops in the field of telecommunications. The CMCG team has been working with them for several years and finds such cooperation promising. excellent team of marketers, clear terms of reference, complete mutual understanding.


The main goal of the work is to provide a comprehensive marketing service, including:


  • – Market and target audience research;
  • – Development of marketing and advertising strategy;
  • – Creating visuals for online and offline product promotion.


The company recently changed its name and its market position from a mobile operator to a provider of integrated telecommunications, information and communication technologies, and content services.

According to their new position, the following tasks were set:


  • – Conduct a study of the target audience;
  • – Develop a strategy for promoting the company’s services;
  • – Create universal visuals that can be used in any communication channel.


The CMCG marketing team conducted market research during which they were able to segment several target groups. We’ve put together a detailed portrait of each group to make it easier to promote a certain service.

 After experts created a promotion strategy for the company’s services, every product was selected for a certain target group, and then we developed a step-by-step communication plan for each.

Based on the strategy and wishes of the client after the rebranding, we developed key visuals. The bright and juicy visuals were replaced by a live style. A special visual style — simple, understandable for any person, real.

The whole tone of communication and creative visuals was aimed at creating an endless source of positive emotions. This is an inspiring story about the diversity of opportunities for an interesting and vibrant life in the digital age.

People and their reactions in the visuals for the new advertising campaign are as natural as possible, as if we were watching scenes from real life from the outside. The feelings and actions of people are sincere and real, as if the picture captures a real moment from life. There is no feeling of advertising; there is a desire to live like the people in the picture.


All developed visuals were adapted to different communication channels:


  • – ATL (ads and commercials, outdoor advertising);
  • – BTL (sales promotion activities);
  • – POS (flyers, booklets and other printed materials);
  • – Online (advertising in social networks, contextual display ads).


All work was completed in the shortest possible time. Almost no corrections were received from the client.

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    A1 Telekom Austria Group
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