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Comprehensive marketing research, brand identity development and logo design for Travel agency


Travel Agency “Travellab”


Our team was to conduct a comprehensive marketing research, develop a brand identity and create a modern, minimalistic, and versatile logo design that would distinguish the company in the tourism market and effectively communicate with the target audience.


The target audience was determined in several stages. First, the team conducted an analysis of the tourism market, competitors, consumer behavior and trends in the industry.
Then research was conducted among current and potential clients of the labarotary with the help of surveys, focus groups and analysis of the company’s website.
We found out the following target audience of Travellab: men and women aged 25 to 45 years who like to travel for recreation, exploring new cultures and historical sites, for active recreation, for cultural or gastronomic tourism, etc. with an income of about $2000.

The second task was to analyze the existing logo and brand positioning of the travel agency. It was decided to keep the basis of the brand’s positioning – “travel laboratory” – and develop a modern logo that would reflect the company’s values and services.
The new logo is a combination of molecules that form an airplane, a bus, and a circle (the embodiment of the sun and the globe). The logo is easy to read and understand, even in miniature or at long distances. It represents the company’s focus on travel, exploration, and innovation. Shades of blue and turquoise were selected as the color palette of the new corporate identity. These colors evoke associations with the sea, sky, and relaxation, symbolizing travel and freedom.
The new corporate identity was implemented across the company’s website, promotional materials, social networks, and office space. The updated design distinguishes the company in the tourism market and ensures effective communication with the target audience.

The third task – a comprehensive advertising campaign to attract new customers.

The offline campaign includeы the placement of banners and billboards on the main streets of major US cities, as well as in tourist spots such as airports and train stations. Our team also launched an advertising campaign on radio and television to attract the attention of a wide audience.

The online campaign consists of contextual advertising in search engines, advertising on social networks and blogs, as well as e-mailing for potential customers. We utilized targeted ads on search engines, social media platforms, and blogs, as well as email marketing to potential customers. Landing pages were also created to convince site visitors to book a tour.
Thus, now Travellab is able to attract more customers by offering them a unique experience of traveling and creating an unforgettable experience.


Our team worked diligently to create a brand identity and logo design that truly embodies the travel agency’s values and services. In addition, our team also developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for the travel agency. We conducted market research to identify the target audience and potential customers, and used this information to create effective advertising campaigns both online and offline.

Throughout the campaign, we utilized analytics to track the effectiveness of each advertising effort and made necessary adjustments. As the result, the new brand identity effectively communicates the company’s focus on travel, exploration, and innovation, and has helped the travel agency attract more customers and provide them with unforgettable travel experiences.

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