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NY regional postal company


The CMCG marketing agency aimed to develop a promotion strategy for the new delivery service in NY. These included: branding development, service identity, and step-by-step instructions for promoting the product on the market. Another component was the promotion of fast delivery as an option for those who don’t like to wait and pay dearly. Despite the high competitiveness, marketers had to develop a strategy that would increase demand among the audience for the new service.


This company has been delivering for several years, so it was important to adapt the brand’s new product to current trends. That is, to develop a unique design, use modern digital promotion methods, and attract potential customers. In addition, the new delivery service was to provide quality services and break the stereotype of mail-delivery damaged goods.


The new express delivery in NY is about speed and quality at no extra cost. The creation of the promotion strategy consisted of the following tasks:


  • – developing a unique sales offer as well as determining the positioning of the brand;
  • – creation of product identity: from logo to site visual;
  • – launch of the promotion strategy on different platforms; and run of advertising.


Another important aspect was testing. Each of the benefits of the product had to correspond to reality: so the efficiency of cargo delivery, its integrity, and timeliness played a key role in creating the strategy.


One of the key steps in developing a strategy by CMCG was defining a unique trade offer. The main thing about this product is the speed and punctuality of delivery. Our marketers have come up with an arrow that reflects the company’s values and service benefits. Working on product identity has helped preserve the brand’s colors: black and red. However, we have added white to the visual to set this service apart from other services.


In addition, we worked on the design of the logo. We managed to create a concise image that conveyed the company’s values: the desire to develop and become better. Consumers were positive about this positioning and became interested in this service. Thus, the service became recognizable in the market and became competitive among competitors.


In-depth product analysis, market research helped determine the brand’s positioning, mission, and vision. Thanks to this information, CMCG marketers have developed an exclusive corporate style. This allowed them to promote the product more effectively on social networks and through search ads. We added the use of 3D animations, motion videos, and exclusive illustrations, which influenced the confirmation of the status of the product. In addition, an advertising campaign was successful, which increased the number of potential consumers.


An integrated approach to digital promotion has helped the company minimize reputational and financial risks. In addition, our team has developed designs for letterheads and business cards, as well as the company’s car branding. All this increased interest in the product and increased profits several times.

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