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Complex work with the brand. Creative and design support.


A full range of creative and graphic services related to brands and marketing. Having done business with the brand for several years now, we have played a significant role in the development of new key visuals, as well as adapting them to various formats and communication channels in order to reach a wide audience.


A core part of the project for the year 2022 was the development of four advertising campaigns, ideas and key visuals for the European market to gain the attention of consumers residing in the European Union.


In order to create a memorable impression on a prospective buyer, it was essential to use key visuals in the advertisement of a brand. We had to decide which types of visuals should be developed as a part of our advertising campaigns so that they would be most effective.

It was decided to go for:

eye-catching visuals in social media ads: to create visually appealing ads with a clear message that will grab the attention of social media users as they scroll through their feeds;

display ads: to attract potential customers on websites and mobile apps;

print ads: to create an impact and increase brand awareness;

product packaging: to create a unique and memorable look that will stand out on store shelves.

video ads: to create an emotional connection with potential customers and showcase the brand’s products.


With an integrated approach to work, we have been able to create an interesting and concise version of the brand’s key visuals thanks to our integrated approach. A number of channels have successfully used the developed visuals, including the following:

to reach a large audience online and engage with the target audience our team used Digital channel: Internet advertising (banners), Social networks;

to capture the attention of users and increase engagement with the brand and create an emotional connection with the audience we chose video for social networks and for outdoor screens;

Out-of-home advertising: billboards, citylights, posters did well to increase visibility, target specific audiences, and reinforce the brand message;

Retail branding: development of a design concept for a secondary placement, wobblers and mobiles was a great help in a crowded retail environment to differentiate a product from its competitors and make it stand out to consumers.

As a result of the advertising strategy, the key visuals have become recognizable symbols of the company on the market as a brand with which consumers are more likely to associate the company.

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