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Digital Promotion for the Social Media Summit


The CMCG team has developed a strategy to promote the Digital Social Media Strategies summit. Our marketers aimed to launch a whole campaign to develop sticker packs for different niches and different needs. From attracting potential customers to sales. In addition, we have developed a strategy to attract different audiences who could come to the summit through different digital platforms. We needed to conduct research on the effectiveness of each of the channels.


Another task was to increase audience loyalty and establish partnerships between different companies. This method wouldn’t only raise interest in certain products but also increase the challenge.


Market analysis has shown that creating corporate stickers is one way to attract consumers. This digital summit was an opportunity to gain new knowledge and adapt these skills to your product. The CMCG marketing agency had the following challenges:


  • – choose unique illustrations that convey a certain emotion or a specific situation;
  • – present sticker packs at the summit;
  • – conduct a PR campaign on the importance of using such events in digital promotion.


The marketing strategy by CMCG helped the summit organizers to solve the main task of promoting sticker packs among companies. We were able to convey the value of such a tool of promotion as the social role of these illustrations. Instead of the usual pictures or symbols, people sent stickers that best convey an emotion, thought, or situation.

In addition, the authors of the sticker packs decided to develop images of company mentors, creating animations and presenting them in an animated style. This method has improved communication between colleagues of one company and also solved their need to perceive correspondence as entertainment.


In addition, our team decided to promote the digital summit for the cooperation of companies. This not only solved the problem of communication but also established a relationship between the two.


The creation of corporate stickers has increased the loyalty of consumers and business partners. This method was also part of product promotion, as interesting stickers were remembered by the audience. The CMCG team managed to develop a strategy that involved companies from different countries at this summit. For example, a museum in Europe has released a sticker pack with images of famous paintings in the gallery, and the bank has created a sticker of a character that is recognizable to users of the service.

These stickers not only attracted the attention of consumers but also served as a team-building exercise for companies. An interesting or funny sticker thrown at you by a colleague is a much better form of communication than online business calls.

 Our marketers have developed an exclusive visual for promoting the summit. They also launched a method of creating a sticker pack for companies and developed a PR company with influencers from around the world. Because of this strategy, the number of people who used the platforms where information about the summit was shared grew, and the number of people who downloaded sticker packs went up by several times.

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