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A marketing strategy for a new eco-product


This project was completely new to the market, so there were some risks before launch. Our team has thought through every detail to bring the brand to market in the B2C area without financial loss. At the launch of the product, CMCG focused on consumers from Europe and the East. Important attention was focused on the visuals, because any eco brand has a lot of competitors in this niche.


The CMCG marketing agency needed to develop a marketing strategy for the new product. So, we had to do the following:


  1. Do a thorough analysis of the market, from figuring out who your target audience is to making a brand book.
  2. Develop a series of packages of 12 types over 35 SKUs.
  3. launch a PR campaign for the product in Dubai.


In addition, it was necessary to make a unique trade offer from the brand, which would be of interest to potential consumers.


The first step by the CMCG agency was to identify the factors influencing the choice of eco-product as well as to analyze the path of the client. This includes the motives for the purchase, the reasons for it and external factors that influence it.

The second step is a comprehensive market analysis: research on product demand, products of competitors, and surveys of potential audiences. When our team had all the information, we started developing the name. Important factors in this case are conciseness, display of product characteristics, and the ability to adapt to different platforms.


It takes the most time to develop a visual for an advertising campaign. We chose a win-win situation: we illustrated characters, each of which has a different role. All the characters were made after famous people’s profiles. They are all sporty and fresh and confirm the value of the product for maintaining health.


An integrated approach to work has helped to create an interesting and concise version of a product. The concept of this line was reflected in the logo developed by the CMCG marketing team. It has the shape of a drop, which reminds the buyer of the naturalness of the brand. Also, the premium of the product can be seen in a special font. Eco-themed on the label: green gradient combined with golden elements and white flowers.

The most interesting process was the development of a slogan that reflected the value of rapeseed oil as well as vegetable characters. The result of the advertising strategy showed that they have become a recognizable symbol of the company in the market. Based on this promotion, marketers developed interesting POS-materials for stoppers, promotional stands, etc.

The CMCG agency team has developed a creative strategy as well as a communication plan with the consumer. That is, our team has created a new format of promotion for the brand based on the analysis of the target audience and the demand situation. We managed to develop a step-by-step action plan for promotion on social networks, search engines, etc. In addition, part of the work was focused on a PR campaign in Dubai, which helped to promote a new product.

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