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Promotion of one of the products of the World Bank for the European market


International accreditation system of World Bank Group that carries out accreditation of testing laboratories and certification bodies for assessing compliance with ISO standards


The CMCG team faced a difficult task – to prepare a series of short videos and printed materials about the activities of the International accreditation system and the algorithm for obtaining international certificates. This project is a multi-channel advertising campaign aimed at informing exporters.


We conducted an analysis of the target audience and, based on its results, developed the advertising campaign style, its characters and locations. We tried to remove complex terminology as much as possible and show the key actions with maximum visual expression. For the production of commercials, it was no coincidence that we chose 2D vector animation, as it allows to place a maximum of infographics on camera and doesn’t distract the viewer from the text by additional special effects. Difficult things should be said as simply as possible. Pastel colors of a simple background, an understandable recognizable main character, light infographic icons – all these make the video easy to watch, positive and intuitive.

Based on the design of short videos, we also developed information promotional materials  – booklets and flyers, radio commercials, as well as key visual effects for digital marketing.


To begin, our team conducted extensive research on the International accreditation system and the process of obtaining international certificates. We analyzed the target audience and their needs, preferences, and pain points. Based on this information, we developed a comprehensive strategy that included various channels, such as social media, email marketing, and printed materials.

For the social media component, we created a series of short videos that explained the benefits of international accreditation and the steps involved in obtaining a certificate. We also developed a content calendar that included relevant industry news, success stories, and testimonials from satisfied customers.

To reach a wider audience, we partnered with industry influencers and content creators to promote our campaign on their social media channels. This helped us to increase our reach and credibility among our target audience.

In addition to social media, we utilized email marketing to send personalized messages to potential customers. We segmented our email list based on the recipient’s location, industry, and interests to ensure that they received relevant and valuable information.

Finally, we developed printed materials such as brochures and flyers to distribute at trade shows and other events. These materials highlighted the benefits of international accreditation and provided information on how to obtain a certificate.

Overall, our multi-channel advertising campaign was a success. We were able to inform exporters about the benefits of international accreditation and increase their interest in obtaining a certificate. Our efforts resulted in a significant increase in website traffic, engagement on social media, and leads generated through email marketing.


This project is an example of excellent informational marketing in the B2B segment, taking into account the complexity of the informational specifics.

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