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Complex digital promotion of the medical center


Medical center


To strengthen its brand presence through search engine optimization campaigns and SMM promotion.


SEO Strategy – we planned on-page and off-page SEO campaigns to improve traffic, backlink strength and also help the brand rank in top positions for high search volume keywords.

Meta Tags Optimization – Meta titles, descriptions, and URLs of all the prioritized and low performing web pages were optimized with relevant keywords to achieve better rankings.

Content Optimization –  we optimized existing content and carried out interlinking using relevant keywords across the website (PLP, PDP, and blog pages) to improve search engine rankings.

On-page Optimization – we made the website more search engine friendly by optimizing speed, sitemap.xml, and canonicalization, which catapulted the site to top rankings for many of the target keywords.

Off-page Optimization – our off-page optimization for targeted keywords improved new visits, built quality backlinks, and gained brand popularity among the medical research community.

Traffic – the on-page and off-page optimization strategy together pushed keywords to high search engine ranking positions, which resulted in a 25% increase in organic traffic.

SMM strategy – we analyzed the target audience of the brand, choosed key social media platforms, brand’s tone of voice, created an SMM content plan and defined KPIs to rate the success.


37 targeted keywords climbed to top 3 SERPs

26 targeted keywords climbed to top 10 SERPs

Tik Tok – 13.8K in a few months followers, 1.2M views per month

Instagram – 4693 followers at the end of the period, +100 followers per month.

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