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Financial Marketing

Finance marketing

Grow your financial brand with Concept Marketing and Comminication Group

Financial Marketing is a broad term used to describe the whole concept of promoting the services of a financial agency and putting the financial company in front of its target market through brand positioning and brand awareness campaigns. 

Both mid-size and large corporations can benefit from financial marketing as it helps the corporation remain top of mind and ensure a consistent inflow of new users.

Why is Financial Marketing Important?

About 14% of the money spent on digital advertising globally is allocated to financial marketing.

Financial marketing is a must for any financial company that hopes to scale, or even remain in business for that matter. But hiring the wrong hands to handle the marketing campaigns could cause more harm than good. Money could be wasted on lead-generation campaigns that do not convert to paying customers.

CMCG can help you bring in new traffic for your financial services corporation using advanced digital marketing strategies.

Some of the companies we provide marketing services for include:


  •  – Accounting and tax advisory firms;
  •  – Asset-based lending and equipment financing;
  •  – Retail and commercial banks;
  •  – Credit unions;
  •  – Insurance companies;
  •  – Investment banks and companies;
  •  – Brokerages;
  •  – Mortgage providers;
  •  – Credit card companies.



Our Services

At CMCG, we have an array of professionals to help financial institutions get the very best results from their marketing campaigns. Our services include:


We use pay-per-click advertising, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization, and social media marketing to drive sales.


We put structures in place that automate repetitive tasks and help even your employees focus on the core aspects of their jobs to improve productivity and drive growth faster. 

Content Marketing

Creating a trusted brand is no mean feat. Content marketing is an effective tool to educate your target market about the services you offer and position your brand strategically. 

Using an inbound marketing approach, high-value content in the form of text, video, and audio can be created to attract, educate, persuade and convert prospects. 

Engagement and Community

CMCG specializes in humanizing brands and bringing together a community of like-minded individuals who share common interests and care about the same things. 

Sales Funnels and Growth Hacking

Creating an efficient sales funnel helps brands to lower their marketing costs and increase conversion. Investing in the customer journey of your corporation has the potential to drive revenue by up to 25% percent while reducing cost by up to 21%. 



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What makes us different?

We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients get the very best results. The majority of financial services users today are digital-first consumers. For this reason, we use technology to ensure that our clients remain in the faces of their target market.

Optimum Cost on Ad Spend

We ensure that we help our clients reduce the cost of customer acquisition while reducing the churn rate and increasing monthly revenue.

Hypnotic Messaging

We craft our messaging to endear the financial company to the customers and build trust in record time while ensuring that our marketing campaigns are in compliance with regulatory bodies.

Custom Made Service

CMCG offers tailor-made services to its clients. Once you schedule an appointment, you get to speak with one of our consultants to find out exactly what your needs are. Our custom-made services incorporate your brand values and reflect who your customers are. Using our carefully crafted messaging, we make the customers feel valued and endear them even further to the brand.



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