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Marketing in the Construction Industry

Marketing in the Construction Industry

Make your engineering company stronger with Concept Marketing and Comminication Group

A recent study showed that Construction companies with less than 50 employees generate over 80% of the value of the market. The reason for this is not far-fetched. From a distance, it is so easy to see that these companies invest a sizable amount of their revenue into marketing and sales. 

Since they are constantly in the faces of their target market, they have succeeded in creating top-of-mind awareness and they are usually among the first options that come to mind whenever homeowners or project contractors need to work on a construction project. 

Our target audience

This article is particularly dedicated to you if your organization belongs to any of the following industries. 

  1. Property development
  2. Hydro-electric project development 
  3. Infrastructure development
  4. Industrial development 
  5. Property renovation and maintenance 
  6. Woodworks.
  7. Supply chain management 
  8. Operation of heavy equipment 
  9. Architecture 
  10. Building Construction 
  11. Landscaping 
  12. Interior design
  13. HVAC
  14. Surveying
  15. Project management 

In the U.K. only, over 3.55 million construction projects are planned annually. This shows that there is indeed a huge market for anyone in this field. It gets more interesting when we contemplate the fact that at least 50% of homeowners found their homes online. Organizations that are yet to develop a solid digital footprint of their services are obviously leaving a lot of money on the table. Worse yet, unless they put in an earnest effort to bring their business to the spotlight, they may soon be out of business. 



How do we Work in Construction Marketing?


Using S.E.O., we make sure that the business profile of your construction company ranks higher than everyone else on the search engine results page (S.E.R.P). This automatically translates to more eyes on your business, more quality leads, and more sales. With the competition out there, it is important that companies work hard to stand out from the crowd. A great S.E.O strategy makes this possible.

Social Media Marketing

Regardless of the area of Construction, you are into, your target customers are on social media. We use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to build a community around your brand and attract prospects looking to hire your services.



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3 Reasons to choose CMCG

Real time Support

We provide real time technical and advisory support to our clients from the beginning of our digital marketing project, up till the very end of the campaign. We do not leave anyone in the dark and allow them to second guess. Instead, we ensure that they are carried along throughout every stage of the digital marketing campaign and we bring in our input where needed. 

Cost Effective Solutions

If you are looking to work with a digital marketing agency that will proffer solutions to your needs in the most cost-effective manner, then CMCG is your best bet. We ensure that you get real value for every dollar spent. That way, your advertising pays for itself, and you have enough resources to plow back into future advertising campaigns.

Custom-Made Digital Marketing Strategy

We set up several strategic meetings with your representatives to find out exactly what your digital marketing needs are. Armed with this information, we go back to the drawing board to map out the most effective solutions that meet your needs. We do not use a one size fits all strategy for our digital marketing campaigns, nor do we follow a generic approach to meet your needs. Rather, we invest quality time and manpower into ensuring that we establish, and implement a dedicated strategy that is sure to yield the best results.



3 Reasons to choose CMCG

Content Marketing

CMCG creates educational content on behalf of its clients. These could be in the form of blog posts, journals, press releases, and so on. These copies attract your desired audience to your brand and demonstrate how you are the most competent organization to meet their needs. Do not be left behind, reach out to us at CMCG today and our experts will be more than happy to help you become the very next success story.

Email Marketing

Using email marketing, we can target the most elite clients and blue-chip companies looking to hire your services. By sending well-tailored promotional emails, proposals, and newsletters, we are sure to get the desired results by getting them to take action and accept your offers.

Affiliate Marketing

CMCG will help you set up an effective and automated affiliate marketing structure for your marketing and sales department. This affiliate marketing system makes provision for professional marketers, or other third-party organizations to refer your organization for projects and earn commissions for successful projects. This comes at no additional cost to you, and you will not have to worry about the overhead costs of adding more hands to your payroll. 



Your digital marketing needs are not too difficult to handle, reach out to professionals from CMCG today.