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Healthcare marketing​

Healthcare marketing

Make your healthcare business effective with Concept Marketing and Communication Group.

Practical expertise in healthcare marketing 

Our experts have extensive experience in healthcare, private practice, pharmaceutical marketing, and the development of successful health brands


CMCG specialists apply special approach in developement of marketing strategy for medical companies. We constantly research medical market using in-depth study methods. It allows us to accumulate a lot of experience to develop strategies that work in practice.


By providing a favorable image of your company and analyzing its portrait, we will assist you in forming a permanent pool of customers and attracting new ones.


Every medical brand, business or pharmaceutical company needs positive reputation. Our team has been working in the field of branding and PR for more than 15 years and has effective experience in creating a strong positive brand that appeals to your target audience.



Healthcare marketing​ and branding

What is healthcare marketing

Healthcare marketing means a set of processes which forms marketing, branding and communications strategies to attract new customers among patients and to develop loyalty among current customers using marketing tools.

Why should you use marketing in healthcare?

The main feature of marketing in healthcare is development of the marketing strategy and its implementation aimed to attract patients and form their loyalty to certain medical business. Medical marketing is one of the most difficult. Apart from ensuring the quality of services for patients, it is important that the company establishes itself as a trustworthy opinion leader.


While creating a strategy, you need to consider that:

With this knowledge you are able to create an effective promotion of medical services.

5 reasons to contact CMCG 

  1. Expand your patient base many times over. This means that your marketing will attract new patients and keep current ones.
  2. Make your doctors opinion leaders. We will involve your medical staff in marketing activities and promote their expertise. Patients will be more likely to contact you in the future if their credibility is increased.
  3. Promote the most important medical services. Due to market research, we will determine the most relevant services and promote them using online and offline marketing channels.
  4. Improve the quality of service. Using our healthcare strategy, your patients will not only receive high-quality medical care, but also high-quality service, which will allow them to contact only your company.
  5. Expand your geographic reach. Using the most effective digital promotion channels, more patients from other regions will learn about you.

Our team works with projects of any complexity. We provide following services: 

Healthcare marketing and advertising